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Greensboro, NC 8/22/96

Rating: B-. Even though the quality on this is not that clear, I haven't seen an A quality out there.

Quotes from the stage (from the Dent):
In Greensboro, North Carolina on August 22 (Tori's Birthday), Tori actually played Madonna's 'Live To Tell' for the first time ever! She said before she began, "I'm going to try something I've never done before. I figure, I've fucked up so bad, what can it hurt?" She also preceded 'Frog On My Toe' with the REAL story behind the song, a sweet story about her Poppa (grandfather) and missing him and keeping his spirit with her. This was also the night where Caton stopped playing while Tori was doing her 'Cornflake Girl' dance, and the surprised Tori saw her crew and father appear on stage with a cake, balloon, and flowers. The audience also sang 'Happy Birthday' to Tori.

Greensboro NC at the War Memorial Auditorium, August 22