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Milwaukee, WI (late show) 6/8/96

Rating: A-.

Quotes from the stage (from the Dent):
Tori told some pretty funny stories in Milwaukee June 8th at the second, late show. Someone yelled "You're nifty, Tori." And she says, "You're nifty, too." And she looks like she's going to begin playing, when suddenly she remembers her stuffed elephant Dumbo sitting on the speaker. "You know who's really nifty," she says running over and grabbing Dumbo and bringing him back to the stage, "Dumbo's nifty." And she alters her voice to that of Dumbo, "I'm Dumbo, and I'm weally nifty. 'Cuz I can hear, my ears are nifty and this (Grabs his trunk and waves it around) is real nifty, and very useful" (the crowd roars) "And I don't get to make appearances cuz Towi is a wittle too pwotective of me." And she yells back at Dumbo, "Shut up" Tori then goes straight into this story, "So I was talking to my girlfriend the other day, and she says, 'You'll never guess who called me,' And I said who, and she said, 'mmmmm' and I said Really, What did he have to say? (She whispers) "He's from England. I just looove these overseas relationships. They're soooo convenient. Anyway, so he's drunk and... drunk is good, I mean (mumbles something about place and time) And so you know what he said, I swear to you, (Acts like a slurring drunk) "I loove you, I looove you like I love my left testicle. I swear, that's what he said And it's like, Come on, brothers a little up on the poetry, huh?" She then laughed very hard.
Tori introduced Caton at the second Milwaukee show. "We have known each other for a f*cking long time." Someone before her sound check had given her this wand with a star on it, a twinkle star. You push a button and it speaks. So she brought that on stage and played the wand. It said something about the Wizard of Oz, but Tori loved it because she made it speak once and then goes "let's hear it again," and she played it again.

The late show in Milwaukee WI on June 8, 1996 at the Riverside Theatre