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Milwaukee, WI 6/8/96 (early)

Rating: A-

Quotes from the Stage (taken from the Dent): "At the first, earlier show in Milwaukee on June 8th, Tori said the following: "Hi everybody. The last time I was in Milwaukee it was... Well, I'd been to the hospital -- some of you know that -- and this great dyke doctor gave me this fantastic shot in my ass. Anyway, if you run into her tell her I said, 'Hi.' Let's see, what else was happening... I was here with my buddy Michael Stipe. We'd written this song in Milwaukee that everybody hated but, um, I quite like it. And I think they were wrong, so I just wanted to tell you I have fond little memories of this wonderful little place." She told another variation of the 'Muhammad My Friend' story. "Um, this next song is a bit strange because my father and I had a bit of an argument over it. Maybe because he dragged me to Christmas eve services -- not last Christmas, but a year ago. I was kind of in between boyfriends -- you know that one girls, you gotta go home to mom and dad. So I was with my parents and they took me to the nice Christmas eve services -- and you heard all the little tykes singing -- I like the little tykes -- when they have their crusty noses... but they were up there and the congregation's supposed to join in -- as one does in the Methodist Church -- and -- off key normally. But anyway, it was our turn to come in and I was contemplating and my father looked at me and said, 'Tori Ellen... It's time to SING.' And I said, 'Dad, something's very wrong with this thing.' And he said, 'What are you talking about there's something wrong?' And I said, 'This thing...' (sings beautiful melody) 'daa daa da daaaa.' And he said, 'What are you talking about?' And I said, 'It shouldn't go like that -- and I'm really convinced...' " and she breaks into "We both know it was a girl..."
"Tori's 'Doughnut Song' speech in at Milwaukee's first show: "We were in Ireland and the record was supposedly finished. And the guys were getting ready to go down to a place called The White Lady. And these cute little Irish girls show up, and my crew... drools. And so they were off to find a shag and a Guinness -- and they actually deserved it because I had had them up, sometimes at seven in the morning, sometimes a little too much, (whines) 'Will you tune my piano, pleeaassee?' It's like nag, nag, nag and I'm sorry. But I kind of ruined their evening -- 'cause you know girls -- when you're not quite finished, you're just not quite finished..."
"Also during the early show in Milwaukee, Tori tried to grab the mike to start MAAG...but it broke. She took the top off and put it on her head, looking very cute. One of the sound guys came out...and tried to fix it..and in the meantime people in the crowd were screaming requests and one was "PLAY LONDON GIRLS!" and Tori just replied in a simple "no." She then asked the girl that had said that "Are you here for the second show too?" and she said "no" and Tori asks, "Are you just saying that?" and the girl said "No, I swear, I"m only here for this one." So Tori replied "Well, maybe she'll show up a little later..she's having a margarita right now." People started yelling other stuff and she said, "You all know this isn't any of those ..." and she begins 'Me and a Gun'. "

The early show at Milwaukee, WI on June 8, 1996 at the Riverside Theatre