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Chicago, IL 6/7/96

Rating: A-. Even though the first few lines of a couple of the songs are cut at the beginning, this boot is awesome. She tells a story before Marianne and she screws up on Frog on my Toe and has to start over twice.

Quotes from the stage (from the Dent):
In Chicago on June 7th, the crowd asked for 'Pain In His Hole,' which had mysteriously become 'Pain In MY Hole', and Tori replies, "You guys, I don't even remember how it went.." And with a few people trying to remind her of the lyrics she finally says, "Okay, I tell you what, I promise to learn it by the time I come back in the fall. Okay? Okay." [Note: She did not sing it when she returned later in September; she still didn't remember it.] Tori was talking about being 13 years old, and at one point made comments about her lack of breast size which drew tons of laughter when she began pushing them up to try to make them bigger. During this time someone yelled for China to which she responded "I'm not doing China, I'm trying to tell a story." Also, as Tori tried to play 'Frog On My Toe', she messed up several times and said "Oooops, wrong key." She starts over. "Ooops, I was right the first time," starts over, stops, "You know those of you who have to give speeches, f*ck it... sometimes you just have to take a minute to get it right." After the third time she got it right.

Chicago, IL at the Rosemont Theatre, June 7, 1996