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Syracuse, NY 5/18/96

Rating: A-/B+

Quotes from the stage (kudos to the Dent):
Tori began talking about her years at the Peabody Institute when yelled Peabody and she asked them if they were going there, they said "Yes" and Tori said "Oh, I'm so happy for you" and said, "It should be better than 1968." They asked why and she replies, "Well, when I said the words John Lennon they said 'Who?'. So I knew I was in a bit of deep shit but I was five so I hung in there." She goes on to talk about a "beautiful Jamaican Boy" who also went to the Peabody. He was sixteen "and, he asked me to run away with her, and I asked my father, which was not a good move on my part..." She reminisced about a song this boy played for her. "...and... you know what he would do? He would sit me down on his piano bench and play this for me." Tori demonstrated as she began a Stylistics cover, 'You Make Feel Brand New'. This is such a beautiful piece and Tori covers it magnificently.
Like at some other shows, the noise level from certain rude people got out of hand at times. Tori had to stop during 'Pretty Good Year' and she whispered, "I know you're there and I love you, too, but I need to hear myself sing." She had to repeat this line twice before she was able to get it past the noise. Early in the show, she turned and faced everyone and said, "How ya Doin' and a girl in the front yelled "Tori!" Tori said, "And what's your name?" The girl shouted "Lori." Tori replied "Nice to meet you Lori, but I have to go back to work now," and began to play 'Blood Roses'. Tori also dedicated 'Honey' to the "boy who drove 4 hours to hear this song."

Syracuse NY at Landmark Theatre, May 18, 1996