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Tulsa, OK 11/2/96

Rating: B+/A-

Quotes from the stage (taken from the Dent):
"Tori sang a little song in celebration of food during her Tulsa Oklahoma show on November 2, a little song that some fans called a foodgasm. Someone yelled out 'Take me home Tori' during the second encore. Tori replied, "I'd love to, but I'm homeless. You don't want that anyways. I eat too much. You'd go insane. I'd always be eating. (gasping and moaning) Mussles.....mayonaise ...... pickles ...... cheese ....... ooohhh" Earlier, Tori introduced Caton and mentioned that this was the first time they've played Tulsa. She also told the crowd that her and Caton only have 8 more shows to go and if they want, they should follow them. While singing 'Me and a Gun', after the line 'I wore a slinky red thing', someone yelled out 'yeah'. Unfazed,Tori said "Exactly". She then skipped the entire 'Me and Jesus ..... Is it my right ....' part and went right to 'Do you love Carolina.' "

Tulsa, OK on November 2, 1996 at the Brady Theater