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Binghampton, NY 10/6/96

Rating: A-.

Quotes from the stage (taken from the Dent):
Tori had a few things to say during her October 6 show in Binghamton NY. She said that they got into town at 3:00 am, "my, your bars sure are open late, aren't they?" She started to say that she had a dream, and then said that she was staying at the "great historical, historical...yeah yeah yeah" and how it was the worst hotel that she had ever stayed in. However, Caton's room had a jacuzzi in it, and there was shag carpet everywhere, and that was "quite groovy." She said she was writing a song at the hotel last night, and that if that song made it on the next album, she'd mention the hotel in the notes. Tori then talked about how someone approached her in some place, she could not remember the venue. A man shouted, "Chicago," to which Tori replied, "Thank you , Richard..Richard helps remind me where I've been." Anyway, Tori went on to talk about how someone named Andrea approached her in Chicago and requested 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' for a young Toriphile named Ana, who passed away recently in the crash of TWA flight 800. Tori said she was going to play that song, but when she was backstage, she started hearing this little voice in her head. and that voice said, "please don't play that fucking song for me." Tori said "so what should I play?" and the voice told Tori that it was up to her. Tori said, "dealers choice, babe?" and the voice said, "dealers choice," and Tori said, "So I played this one instead," which was 'Daniel'. Also in Binghamton NY, at the beginning of the first encore, someone in the crowd shouted for 'Icicle'. Tori replied, "Icicle? We'll see if she's around." Then some other folks shouted many song titles. Tori answered them by saying, "well, let's hope most of those girls are getting laid right now. But this one says 'I'm here, and I'm not getting laid'" and she started to play 'Twinkle'. Then during the second encore, Tori asked Caton if they should show them what they'd been working on. Tori starts talking about this soundtrack that she's working on, "in honor of favorite soundtracks. I don't know this fucking song, but I've got my own version." She started singing a few lines of "I Will Always Love You", in a dark and heavy tone. She later said something about how women "always show them a side they never know." Tori then made some sign with her hand to a techie person and talked about how she knows all these little technical signs, and she made this one up and it has to do with eq and reverb. then she let out this little laugh , "Ha."

Binghamton NY at the Anderson Performing Arts Center, October 6, 1996