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Oklahoma City, OK 10/30/96

Rating: A

As taken from the Dent, "Tori stated, "You know, I want to tell you something. I have this favorite song. Some of you may recognize it." She plays 'Surry with a Fringe on Top' from Oklahoma. "A girl just has to have a favorite song" She also said, "What a difference 2 years makes. Last time I was in Oklahoma City, I was really fucked up. It wasn't good. So, I took a quarter and went to one of your local graveyards. It was one of those things I'd been carrying around for a while. Went up and down and found a man and gave him two quarters and told him I was leaving his ass in Oklahoma. So, if you see a guy running around with no ass, you'll know. Ok." "

Oklahoma City, OK at the Civic Center Music Hall, October 30, 1996