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College Station, TX 10/28/96

M&G pix

Rating: B+. Unfortunately, the person who gave this to me decided not to give me the other side. :-( So I am seeking a full show of this that is good quality if anyone has it out there. This is a great filler for anyone who wants interviews, Ultra Rarities, or anything on the other side. (

Quotes from the stage (from the Dent):
I only included what I had) In College Station TX, October 28, Tori said to the audience,"How are you guys? So are all of you in school here? I got kicked out of everything- the conservatory at 11 and the Girl Scouts at 9. I really liked Girl Scouts, mostly for the cookies. Now I can just buy them. HA." Also, early in the show, Tori was discussing a friend of hers. "I have a very good friend right now who's living Sleeping with the Enemy. You guys know that movie? If any one of you guys are gonna be lawyers, I'll hire you right now." Suddenly someone rudely shouts "Play some Skynnard." She replies "What the fuck does that have to do with Sleeping with the Enemy? I'm talking about Sleeping with the Enemy!" or something like that. She then goes, "Okay, I'll play you some Skynnard." And to the tune of 'Sweet Home Alabama' she sings, "I'm not playing this song. I'm thinking of my friend alone. Nothing sweet about that little cock boy- Sweet Home Alabama. I'll have you on a plate, boy. None of your blood on my hands." That's not exactly how it goes, but it's hilarious. After that, she goes into Mary.

College Station TX at Rudder Auditorium, October 28, 1996