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"Shawn and Belle" by Daisy

'~This fanfic takes place right after Shawn was rushed to the hospital and Hope and Stefano have gotten a hold of Kurt in the episode that aired Monday, January 10th, 2000~' ~*~*~ "Kurt, just give us the key and we will not hurt you. I swear." Hope pleaded, hoping that he would give in. She had to get home to Bo and Shawn. She just had to, and she decided the best way would be to coax Kurt into seeing he had to surrender. Stefano, however, was taking a different approach. "Give me the key, you imbecile! Don't you see there is no escape?! I will rrrip your arm out if I have to!" Stefano boomed loudly causing Hope to flinch. At the same time he tightened his grip on Kurt's arm. This was their last chance at freedom and he was not going to stay cooped up any longer. "I ... I ..." Kurt stammered, wincing at the grip Stefano had on him. 'Oh, how did I fall for this?' he thought. He knew there was a very small chance he would get out of this. Stefano was strong. "Come on!" Stefano prodded again. With every small twist of Kurt's arm, he knew he was gaining an advantage, but he couldn't wait forever and was impatiently waiting for Kurt to give in. Kurt flinched. He had no chance. He knew if he used both arms Hope would get involved. She was just sitting there waiting for the scene to unravel and to see if her assistance was required. He looked around one more time for anything that could get him out of this, and finding nothing, he reluctantly reached for the keys. He hesitated before handing them over to Stefano and Hope's eager hands. 'Princess will kill me', he thought. 'But her sceme is probably falling apart to; judging by that phone call, somebody is on to her.' The little hesitation left was erased as Stefano made one more small twist, and Kurt threw the keys to them, granting them freedom. ~*~*~ Belle struggled not to cry. There he was, the active, courageous Shawn Brady lying there on a hospital bed in God knows how much pain. Her heart was breaking for him. A tear slowly slipped down her cheek as she recalled the dance they shared at the High School. She wanted desperately to go over there and comfort him. Despite their usual hostility towards each other, she deeply cared about him, and she sensed he cared about her. But Belle knew that if she went any closer to him, the medical staff would notice her and she would be forced to go back in the lobby. There, she would be forced to just sit there for ages with no news and rely on the doctor to finally come out and try to assure them it was all okay, when in reality it might very well not be. No, it was better to stay here, where she could at least sense him and feell like she was at least trying to help. Shawn muttered again. "My legs ... I ..." Dizzy, groggy and intoxicated, he was slipping in and out of consciousness, and every time he would be aware of himself, he would realize he couldn't move his legs. And every time he attempted to do something about that, he would lose conciousness again. And so the cycle continued. Belle was still standing there and silently letting her tears fall. She tried to assure herself that he was at least all right. At least he was alive. But why oh why could he not move his legs? How did this happen? How did - Belle interrupted her own thoughts and realized that the cause of this accident was still unknown. 'There was now way Shawn would fall off himself! Somebody else must be involved ... but who?' racking her brain for an answer, Belle finally realized that her mom must know. After all, she was there and she was the one trying to tell them that Shawn fell off the terrace. Now Belle was torn with the decision to stay out of sight and continue to keep and eye on Shawn or to go to Marlena and find out what happened. 'Shawn will understand ... I'm just trying to help him anyway' Convincing herself this was true, Belle turned to leave, but something made her stop. Shawn was conscious again. "Belle ... don't go ..." ~*~*~ Bo sank to the floor, not trusting his legs to keep him up any longer. His body quivered with fear. His mind whirled with memories, possibilities, problems, basically his whole life wsa flashing before his eyes. And for some reason, he had the strangest feeling there was more to the whole story than he knew. As much as his heart was breaking at the sight of ... that face, that body lying there limply, he had this strong feeling it was not Hope. 'Well of course I wouldn't think it's Hope -I would never shoot Hope! And .... and Hope would never have a gun.' Bo's mind spinned even more. He looked around the busy hospital for a sign that could offer him sanity, and finding nothing, he secluded himself in the corner again. Bo breathed rapidly and tried to calm down, but as he accidentally glanced down one more time at his blood-stricken hands, he could not take it anymore. "Hope" he murmured quietly as he let himself slip away into unconsciousness. ~*~*~

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