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Well, here I am. It's nice to meet you. My name is Aiden. I'm kind of a cool kid, as you will find out while reading about me, about my family, and my friends.
I live in a really nice place in the world. We call it Bucks County. It's a place just east of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the USA. Bucks County has lots of US history here. Did you know that this is the place here William Penn built his home, and it's where George Washington lived and crossed the Delaware River. If you would like to read up a bit, maybe you can check out one of our local county newspaper or one of the online news publications.

Growing up is tough at times as a kid, but I'm growing older and wiser, and I'm learning that there's some really nice things about growning up too. For instance, I have a few photos I want to share with you from my Easter Day, April 23, 2000.

First, check out this picture of my Mom, her name is Adriana, and Dad, his name is John, and then there's the star of this web page. Of course, that would be me. Mom works from some place that does some kind of testing. They call the place Educational Testing Service. I'm not sure what she does, but my mom is smart. She probably owns the place.

Check out some of the really neat things I got for Easter this year

I got lots of chocolate, marshmallow rabbits, lots of jelly beans, and this odd shaped ball. I want to throw it, but they keep telling me it's something called an egg. Ok, I guess I'll have to call it my Egg Ball !!!

And here I am checking this stuff out ..... well, I'm test tasting it too!!! Actually, I wanted to taste at least one of the marshmallow rabbits before John nukes them all.

Did you ever see what happens when you nuke one of my marshmallow easter rabbits ..... It grows!

Well, so far, I don't have much more, but keep watching this page. I'll add things to it as I keep getting older and wiser. Just ask Mom and Dad. The both say I can be a real wise guy. I'll take that as a compliment!
I have a sister also now. Her name is Alexis. Soon, we'll have a page for her, keep watching

I'm a real busy kid, but if you need to send me something, you can send my Mom a message, and she'll make sure I get it. I'll be off, with my trusty notebook, trying to solve another one of those Blue's Clues.
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Here's one of my Great-grandma's web page. You might want to check that one out to. Click Here to visit her page.

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