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"Minister Of The Sacred & Master Adviser in the Art of Numerolinguistics"

And The Lord said,"Let there be light." (genesis 1:3)

Courtsey of Julia Newa 2003

Since the beginning of time and throughout time numbers has always played a key role in every aspect of our lives. Through the knowledge of Numerology us can find out about our very essence of being. There are many things numbers can show revealing information about personality, temperament, intelligence, talents, sexuality, spirituality, finances, and health. In Numerology there are two systems, The Chaldean System (Hebrew-Kabalah) and The Pythagorean System. (I am not here to debate which one is the correct system, although, after more intense research, I do favor the Chaldean System, becaues of a more spiritual base) Each system can help you unlock the secrets of your lives that you didn't know exist. I will show the difference between the two systems. *NOTE* Numerology or Numerolinguistics (The study of numbers) IS NOT a religion, but rather a tool to help us to understand ourselves in more indepth.

The Chaldean System

The Pythagorean System

The Meanings Of The Numbers

A Look At Storm

Storm's Links

There are many numbers in numerology, compound numbers that reduce down to the single digits, this page is only a small fraction of numerology, you can find books on Numerology in bookstores, and even some libraries. I am available, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, you can contact me by phone at: (412) 478-8930.
We will work together to get you started on your journey to understanding yourself.

"Within every human lies the potentialities of God-hood awaiting development and unliftment by the awakened operative "I AM" within." (New Age Bible Interpretation)

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