All Your Waves and Breakers Have Swept Over Me

Waves splash on the soggy sand,
But I gaze from dry land,
Drinking in the salty breeze,
And tuning in to the voice of the seas.

Rocky crags face the wet onslaught,
Of persistent waves of tireless thought,
Yet there’s a music in the rhythm
That soothes this weary pilgrim.

Solitary gulls soar overhead,
Dancing to the music in my head,
All the while the waves speak
Of the ancient and glorious mystique.

“Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls;”
Rumbling, tumbling within my walls,
Broken, mended by the voice of the sea:
“All your waves and breakers have swept over me.”

Ps 42:7

Divine Surrogacy

When I cannot see You,
And my needs threaten to engulf me,
I focus on those who love me,
Whose shoulders bend in my support,
Always fueled by Your unconditional love,
And I receive Your love, Your support, through them.

When I cannot see You,
And my way seems unclear,
I can see those who surround me,
You call my attention to their needs, even their pleasure,
And I find my way as I serve them with deeds of active love
That help me past my innate selfishness.

When I cannot see You,
Those around me help me grow
With innumerable opportunities to stretch
Into the woman You call me to be.
It's in giving and receiving, in balanced synergy
That You encourage my devotion and confirm Your sovereignty.

When I cannot love You enough,
I turn to those around me,
I open my heart and let Your love flow through me
Unchained, unrestricted,
An intricate tapestry of passion and strength
Woven together with strands of faith.

When I cannot love You enough,
I remember that love and faith are words of action,
You gave Your all for me, once, though Your love is everlasting,
I cannot give too much; I cannot serve too humbly,
I cannot repay Your intimate sacrifice,
But I can see You in those around me.


~ My Gift ~

Emotions broil within this submissive soul.
Rejoicing, she can gladly possess her role
Sometimes yet uncertain, in word and in action,
Desiring to soar on released dormant passion.

Renewed vision thrills this submissive heart,
Striving to apprehend the depths of her servant's part.
The joy of her surrender and the thrill of command,
As she willingly seeks to fulfill all His demand.

From earliest childhood, she has sought,
The One who could be the strength to her thought,
To harness the creativity deep inside
And be her companion as well as her guide.

Could it be her loving Master,
Is the One she's been running after.
Safe in his warm and loving embrace,
In love and submission, she finds her true place.


Absent Dreams

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder,
That passion, if real, grows and blossoms,
But all I know is You’re way over yonder,
And I’m here ... growing fonder.

They say distance breeds a deeper love,
That we can build a firm foundation
On good and honest communication
And I’m here ... growing fonder.

You ask which is stronger, love or trust,
But love is trust and trust is love.
They are one - inseparable and filled with wonder
I am here ... growing fonder.

Strangers freed to dance and evolve in love,
Bound together from above.
You seem to beckon me from afar,
To trust, to love, to venture farther

To embrace who we are together.
Like a song that has not yet been sung,
Or a beautiful blossom yet to open.
Pressing toward the idealistic dream.

Love is to me a rich and potent wine,
Making my mind reel, and my heart feel
The strong swirling mixture of heat and sweet ...
And I am here, feeling fine, growing fonder.


~ HOPE ~

On the floor by the door,
Lay the pieces of my life,
Bits of broken dreams,
Shattered by his schemes:
Innocence wasted, deceit tasted,
Hope deferred.

But somehow from the ruined scraps,
Something new conceived,
Holy and ancient, Hope,
Rekindled in the ashes of my dreams:
Bits of broken glass,
Released finally to the past,
Dustpan used, brokenness fused,
Hope restored.


~ Draw Me ~

There is a River of mercy
Flowing from the heart of God,
A River that flows eternally.
Draw me to the River of mercy,
So I can enter in,
And walk in Your mercy evermore.

Draw me,
Mercy cover me;
Draw me,
Mercy flow thru me.

There is a River of gladness
Flowing from the throne of God,
A River that flows eternally.
Plunge me in the River of gladness,
So I can drink and splash,
And rejoice in Your gladness evermore.

Draw me,
Gladness rise in me.
Draw me,
Gladness flow thru me.

There is a River of Wonder,
Flowing from the heart of God,
A River that flows eternally.
Free me in the River of wonder,
And restore the child in me,
To walk with YOU in freedom evermore.

© 1997 BJA Music

~ The Same ~

The sound of the waves soothes the stress away.
Some things just don't change,
Even tho winds come and go,
The tides rise and fall ~ the same.

Sea gulls chatter and call among the clouds,
A single, solitary, a solo dance of grace,
And each one seems to know it's rightful place,
Together, they soar and fall ~ the same.

Overlooking the sandy shore,
A cliff, rocky and grey jabs the sky,
But on it's edge, with waves lapping,
The lighthouse stands ~ the same,

Time has taken it's outward toll
On the old rugged clifftop sentry,
Still its perservering light continues bright
Through storm, fog or still ~ the same.

All Rights Reserved © 2002 BJA Music 10/00

~ Intimacy ~

Why do I cry when the north wind blows
And stings my aching skin?
Don't I know that the Master knows,
Just what my heart will win?

It's simple thing really, the point of it all
Is to grow to be more like Him,
To walk my way back from the point of the fall
To intimacy with Him.

I have loved and lost, but His love never fails,
So I walk with my with hope in my sails,
To the love that will heal me because of his nails,
And the wound of His open side.

All Rights Reserved © 2002 8/02 BJA Music

~ Faithful & True ~

You are Faithful & True You are Faithful and True,
You are Faithful & True to your people.
You are Faithful & True You are Faithful and True,
You are Faithful and True to me.

There is no emptiness in You.
No failure or loss, no turning away,
You are the God of all purpose,
You are Hope, You are Life, You're the end to my strife.

You are Faithful & True You are Faithful and True
You are Faithful & True to your people.
You are Faithful & True You are Faithful and True
You are Faithful and True to me.

All Rights Reserved © 2002 BJA Music 9/96

~ Holy Spirit, Come ~

Holy Spirit, come move among us,
Holy Spirit, fill us from above,
Holy Spirit, clothe us in Your glory,
That the world may see Your love.

Holy Spirit, stir up within us
The mighty Gift of God,
Jesus Christ is Lord!

All Rights Reserved © 2002 BJA Music 10/96

~ Two Become One ~

Two become one, or so it says,
Two hearts giving all, unashamed & free,
Me loving you and you loving me,
Or at least that's what it says.

At last I saw what loneliness was,
You loving me, and me walking away,
Not knowing, not choosing, not seeing what was,
Your love unquenchable everyday.

You never gave up or loved me less,
Though I was too busy, lost in selfishness,
You wooed me and promised me something fresh
But I never understood.

Two become one, truly it says,
You indwell me and I'm found in You,
Longing to love You more everyday,
Now unashamed and free!

All Rights Reserved © 2002 BJA Music 7/02


"Prayer is the practice of drawing on the grace of God."
Oswald Chambers
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