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God is still in the business of healing the broken and is longing to pour His healing love all over us. Many believers today suffer from huge wounds. Whether those wounds involve divorce, physical or sexual abuse, poverty, loneliness, or even spiritual abuse, or any of the various ways people hurt each other, Jesus is the Lover of your soul and mine and is waiting to lavish His rich, sweet love on us and make us whole. All you and I have to do, is let Him.

Give your life back to Jesus right now, admit how badly you have messed it up, and give Him a chance to fix it. (It probably won't happen overnight, but it WILL happen!)

(If you have just done this for the first time, I ask that you email me ... just to let someone know the great news!)

Every good garden is produced from good, healthy seed. On this page, you will find a fresh supply of "good seed" in the form of stories, illustrations, object lessons and modern parables to comfort, encourage and restore hope.

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I encourage you to come and be blessed & check back often. See if there isn't one that is new to you! Thanks for your time ... and God's very BEST to ya!

Original Poems & Lyrics Inspirational Lighthouses
"Imperfections" "The Quilt Maker"
"The U in JesUs" "My Father's Love"
"Psalm 23" "A Soldier's Declaration"
"Eternal Ink" "God Says ..."
"God's Plan" "At Last, Honesty"
"Three Trees" Overcoming Fear

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