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Christians and Divorce

Sad, but true, I have met many believers caught between wanting to live for Jesus and fearful about their marital/divorce statis. Beloved ... which is more important, the individual or the institution of marriage? My kids and I experienced an amazing rejection from the congregational family where we had faithfully fellowshipped for 16+ years. It's time to WELCOME the broken, the bruised, the displaced, the hurting. If the Body of Christ does not ... who will??? Think about it!

More info about Surviving Divorce.

  • to you who are in the midst of divorce or wondering which way to go: Run toward Jesus with all your might! Do what you must do for your situation, for your spiritual, physical, and emotional health and that of your children. Do not look back! (Because when you look back, your eyes are no longer on Jesus!) Run for your life ... for FREEDOM! for JESUS! If you are not sure, take a step, pray ... you may write me if you wish, and I will certainly pray with you.

  • to fellow believers: I urge you by the blood of Jesus shed for the remission of ALL sin, that you surround these and ALL wounded ones with the love of Jesus to bring healing and restoration and put away judgement and condemnation. Let God be God (He is better at it, after all), and let's be the heart of our ever compassionate Father.

Could YOU Be a Victim of Domestic Abuse?

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