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The Puppets

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Okay, finally, the puppet profile page lives! Guess what's here...c'mon you can do it. Puppet profiles!


Blade is certainly the most popular puppet, and is seen in every Puppet Master movie made. In life, he was Dr. Hess, a doctor in service if the Nazis to give life to dead German soldiers to use as shields against Russian troops on the front. His quest for this mariacle elixir brought him to Andre Toulon. However, they got off to a bad start when Toulon's wife, Elsa was murdered on his visit. So, Hess became an enemy of Toulon and his puppets. However, he later was able to talk to Toulon without Gestapo cover, knowing his life may be at stake and in the hands of the puppets, which he admired greatly. From the start, Hess was fascinated at the puppets and their personalities. He learned of their origin, and of their secrets. Then, Hess was killed. His life was then put into Toulon's new puppet, Blade.

Blade is ironically based on the murderer of Elsa, Major Kraus. Major Kraus was the Gestapo commander, and was a heartless killer, not caring about who he met or what influence he had on their lives. Blade took on some of his traits, even though it was Dr. Hess who was his life source. Blade wears a trenchcoat and a fedora, which are like his trademarks. For his left hand, he has a hook, which is good for him to grasp and pull. His right hand is a knife which he uses most often. Blade's personality is what draws the other puppets and masters to him. He is a merciless, viscious killer with no remorse when he is on "duty." He seeks to please the master at any legnths, for he is very loyal and bonds well.

However, he is, unlike the other puppets, extrememly independant. He doesn't need the company of the other puppets or master to get the ok to do anything. For this reason, he has a tendancy to turn on the master at any time he feels betrayed or has had enough abuse, if that is what it entangles. But, just because he doesn't need the other puppets doesn't mean he doesn't want them. He is very fond of his teammates and will look out for them at any cost. The puppets come before pleasing the master. They are the reason he turns, wether they were betrayed or one of them is harmed by the master's hands. Blade is always there for them.

If you hadn't noticed, Blade's name is only mentioned very few time throughout the series. In fact, I didn't know Blade's name until part 4 or 5. But, name need not be mentioned to describe this tiny puppet of terror. He has a wonderful relationship with the other puppets, keeping them in line and keeping them safe. He is sort of tolerant, but would prefer not to perform, as most of the other puppets have done. And, unlike any of the puppets, Blade actually has a moving mouth which he can form some words. However, Blade doesn't have a real voice, so his words are often whispery, such as in part 5 when he says "uh huh" and "yeah." Other small words can be picked up in part 1. But, Blade does most of his talking with his "hands." Obviously, Blade is a very well-respected, and in part 6 held almost godly, as a member of Toulon's puppets. I think his presence really makes a difference.


Pinhead is the strength of the group. He bonds quickly and easily with pretty much anybody. In life, he was a kind-hearted truck driver by the name of Herman Straus. His life ended as an execution for smuggling food to the Jews. As Pinhead, he still has a very kind heart and is very tolerant. He is very obediant and protective over those he cares about. Most often, he seems to be protecting Jester, who is obviously his best friend. But, Pinhead has a wonderful relationship with all the puppets and the master alike, for the most part. He is sort of like the gentle giant to those he is loyal to. However, he is also a puppet built to kill.

Pinhead is not the brightest of the puppets, but he certainly is the strongest, braun-wise. But, he is smart enough to get by. Most often, he takes orders, but Blade's orders come before the master. When Blade turns, Pinhead is usually first to take action against the master. But, as said before, he bonds very well. He enjoys being with people as well as the puppets, which may have made him a good performer as a puppet in Toulon's shows. He also has a good diposition and a fair sense of humor. As said before, he spends most of his time with Jester, though Blade is also a common companion.

Pinhead's appearance fits his namesake. Here is a massive body with hands strong enough to snap bones and a tiny plastic head a little larger than a grape. By the way, did you know Pinheads puppeteer is a woman? Those hands you see mauling unsuspecting victims are actually those of a lady! Bet ya didn't know that! Pinhead also is always seen in a maroon sweater and a pair of slacks. He also wears gloves with the fingers cut out. Surely, it makes him look tough, even when he's in his cuddly mood. His appearance may also be a good reason for his endurance...he has survived almost every brutal attack. I've not seen another puppet eat the wall or floor as much as Pinhead. He is most definately a very important member of Toulon's puppets and very well-loved by all he befriends.


Jester is one of my favorite puppets. In fact, I even made a page especially for him called Jester's Little Play-Place.

Jester is one of the older puppets and is seen in all Puppet Master movies. Even though he is one of the oldest, he is always treated as the baby. Jester is almost never alone. So, don't think you're safe if a cute little Jester walks by....his teammates are only a heartbeat away. Jester is quite dependant on his puppet pals for protection. His main focus is unknown, perhaps making him a better performer than a fighter.

In life, Jester was Hans Seiderman, a book-keeper, meaning he was either an accountant or a librarian. His endless array of practical jokes and laughs made Toulon very fond of him. At his death, he became Jester. And, he's pampered a lot! He even has his own special throne where he sits and just..I dunno..meditates I guess.

Jester's most common companion is Pinhead. Though in Puppet Master 5 and 6, his other companion was Blade. Jester works as the lookout, just staying in one spot or running around, seeing what's going on. But, he's also shy when he is alone, hiding behind shelves or tables or in vents. He's social to those he knows well, usually the master or a close friend of the master will be able to hold him, though he's not always keen to being touched. Seeing as Jester is a common target and an easy one to abuse, the puppets are always keen to his moods.

Yes, his moods. You can't mistake them! Jester has a paneled face which spins about until a mood is found. He has a frown, a sly smile, and a surprized or frightened face. And his attire consists of a conicle cap with bells attatched. You can hear the bells in the original Puppet Master. His top is like velvet or felt, with black slim pants and golden boots. His belt has a buckle that is either tragedy {the frowning mask} or comedy {the smiling mask}.

Though Jester's purpose is unknown, he is very much loved by the puppets and by Toulon. In the comic books, Toulon often treats Jester with extra special care, as he is the youngest puppet in the comics, and is most often called "Little One" or "son" by the comic Toulon. But, Jester is feirce in his own way. He's a fast learner and very swift. He also can fit where the other puppets can't, being the smallest. Though he may not be the most important puppet, he is certainly the most loved and still even pampered in a way.


Tunneler, another of the puppets to be in all films, is a puppet with attitude. The crouch makes him one of the most dangerous. On his head is a drill, which he uses for drilling through his victims.

Tunneler is very loyal and very protectice over himself and his teammates. He gets along very well with the other puppets, and is quite obedient. His only true defense, of course, being his drill. However, even though he prefers drilling through heads, he has done his share of drilling through legs, backs, etc.

Tunneler is dressed as an American army man, as he WAS an American army man. He was once a slave in the salt mines, making his new puppet form one that does him justice. He has certainly seen bad times. One time, he was even killed and dissected, but Tunneler was brought back. There's no keeping this good puppet down.


What is there to say about Torch? Torch is certainly very ruthless and was brought to life by use of brain material from already rotting dead and the use of animal tissue. So, his animalistic nature was quite expected in his debut in Puppet Master II. He does not care for children, as we see also in part 2. He is very impatient and is easily angered. However, in Puppet Master V, Torch is a bit more calmed down and a little more patient and friendly, though this loyalty is only to the master, for I've never seen Torch around Susie. Even the other puppets are warey of him. Blade was astounded when Torch, whom he had never seen before, came out of nowhere to rescue him in Puppet Master II. The other puppets are pretty much careful around him, and try not to push buttons, though Torch has learned how to work within the team and keep his cool.

Torch is a walking weapon, moreso than the other puppets. His greatest weapon, for which he is named, is the torch on his right arm. Torch can use it to light a small flame, or to make a blazing fire. He is surely a worthy opponent to anyone who fights him.


Six-Shooter is one of the more eager puppets, who enjoys his work. His identity is unknown, but certainly, he was built for entertainment. Six-Shooter is a cowboy equipped with six arms, each hand with a gun to go with it. When he's about to strike, his bandana covers his wicked carved smile.

Six-Shooter is very loyal to his teammates and seems to get along with just about everyone. Unlike the other puppets, he was only shown in Puppet Master 3, 4, 5, and Curse of the Puppet Master. His debut was in part three where he starts the actual movie in the puppet theatre. He is a mischievious character though. He is very obedient, but always has the potential to let loose his cruel streak. As Toulon said in PM3, " Life is one big battle for you, isn't it? Bang bang bang bang bang and you're happy as a zen boy."

Ms. Leech

Ms. Leech, also known as Leech Woman, is filled with the life essence of Elsa, Toulon's beloved wife. She was created originally as a gift to his wife, instead of painting her portait. When the Germans killed her, he brought her back to life as Ms. Leech. Now, the reason she's called Ms Leech is because she has the ability to vomit up leeches to "suck their life's blood away," as Toulon put it. She is at a disadvantage though. It takes quite a while to fully vomit a leech, so she must always be out of reach, or her victim must be bound or weak.

Ms. Leech still has a great deal of love and devotion to her husband,. She only appears in the first three Puppet Movies, and miraculously in Curse of the Puppet Master, which is impossible, because she was burned to death in PM2. She gets along great with the other puppets, having a long history with them before becoming one of them. She knows each one by heart, except for Torch and Decapatron. The reason being that she was dead before the other two were made. The other puppets respect her, and it seems are a little extra fond of her, being the only female puppet in their group. Wether it's wishful thinking or not, it looks to me like Blade and Jester were the closest, as puppets, to her.


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