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"We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet; and, amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, except the dog, has made an alliance with us."
Maurice Maeterlinck


My two best friends!

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about my "family"! LOL Yes, I am one of those annoying "dog people" that talk about their pets as if they were children!

Levi is a black Lab and, I believe, Terrior mix (Hey, don't ask me!!). In 1997 I adopted him from the SPCA when he was 4 months. I am assuming he was born sometime in December of 1996. He has this slight growl, which sounds more like a toy airplane motor, he makes when he wants attention. I have bought him many toys from the store, but the minute I finish a soda he waits for the empty plastic bottle. After I spent all that money buying toys! The benefit to this is he crushes them and creates room in the recycling bin! Levi's favorite thing is swimming. I brought snacks to nature parks with swimholes, he would rather swim than eat a steak! People walking by always stop to comment and laugh at how he just keeps swimming in circles!

Hannah is a tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I believe she is shameless and will do anything to be petted. I catch her putting her face against Levi whenever he scratches his face just to feel the movement. She will crawl up next to your feet and nudges them to get you to pet her! Hannah is content just being scratched on the head! She makes this cooing type of noise, sort of sounds like the way you roll an 'R' in Spanish with an 'ooooo' sound. It is so cute!! She sometimes sleeps in what is called 'the flying squirrel' position. Her legs stretched out behind her, and her back paws facing up.

I am going to breed her. Many people have not heard of Corgis. They originate from Wales and the Queen of England has them. They are the smallest of the hearding dogs, only weighing 20-25 pounds and truly are great dogs. They are versatile enough to live on a big farm and herd sheep or cows or just be a sweet lap dog in a small apartment. Corgis are fantastic with children and get along great with other animals. She is half Levi's size, yet plays just as rough. They are called "Big dogs in the little suits". Many people, myself included, shy away from small dogs because of their seemingly constant, high pitched barking. However, Hannah only barks when someone is at the door or when her, Levi and myself play tug-o-war or fetch. I cannot vouch for all Corgis, but before I adopted her, I did read up on them to be sure. According to Corgi websites, they are not a yappy dog.

I know many people swear by their own dog's breed, but these dogs truly are fantastic pets! Honestly, other than the normal puppy troubles Hannah eventually grew out of, my only complaint is she sheds heavily in the Summer. Brushing mantains this, though. If you are considering getting a new dog, and especially if you have kids, a Corgi is a best bet!

Yes, these dogs get along very well!!

"Oh Doggy God! Get me through this and I promise never climb on the counter and drink that bottled stuff my human has!!
I will be a good dog, I promise! I swear I will never go into the garbage can again, chase another cat, bark at the mailman, or..."

People have met my best friends!!


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