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I love music.... just about all kinds. I don't really like hateful music, like gangsta' rap, very heavy metal and most hard core alternative. Those sorts of music just aren't for me. I give anything a listen, though.

My favorite artist is Janis Joplin. I love the raw emotions in her singing. If I could travel back in time to any moment, I think I would most want to see Janis Joplin concert! Then meet and party with her!

Other favorite musicians of mine are; Susan Tedeschi, Beth Hart, Melissa Etheridge, Edwin McCain, Hootie, John Mellencamp, ani difranco, just about the entire Lilith Fair venue and anything with a strong female perception.

I met Beth Hart (click Here to see photos), Johnny Rzeznik of The Goo Goo Dolls and The Foo Fighters (click here to see photos) each once. I met Edwin McCain (click here to see photos) and his band twice.

This is a Photo of Edwin and me the first time I met him.


I love the Christian Fiction series, Left Behind, by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins. Other fiction I read is usually on the lines of the a singleton female making her way through life. Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding is my most recent favorite!! The sequel was just as good. The movie release of Bridget Jones, Renee Zelweiger stars, was great!!
Some other books I like areOtherwise Engaged by Suzanne Finnamore, Watermelon and Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married by Marian Keyes, and Jemima J. by Jane Green!

Non-fiction wise, I really like Girl, Interrupted, the autobiography by Susanna Kaysen.

Self-help books are another favorite. A few I really like are; Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus; Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, and Co-dependent No More. I recommend these books for anyone.


Movies are another interest of mine and my movie taste is of a wide spectrum. A few favorites are; Armeggedon, The Fisher King, Girl Interrupted, The Negotiator, Patch Adams, Nell, Erin Brockavch, Frequency, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Fried Green Tomatoes, Shawshank Redemption, As Good As It Gets, Good Will Hunting, The Grumpy Old Men movies... OK... it's more than just a few LOL!!!

Maybe eliminating would be better, I hate mob movies!! Yes, hate. And anything prejudice (whether it is sexist, racial or homophobic) or containing abuse on kids or raping anyone gets my blood pressure up. I don't hate it, but can only watch them once in a while. Otherwise, I would probably have things thrown in my TV. You should hear me yell at the characters!! LOL

Must Haves

You know those emails you get telling you your friends' favorites things and quirks? Then you are supposed to cut, copy and paste and edit the favorites into your own?

Well, I decided to put it all on my page!!
Now you can never say you did not know what to get me for my Birthday!! LOL

Pet peeves ~
People that don't know how to use spell check
Any email with embedded music, it takes forever to come up!
People eating off your plate without asking first.
Friends that don't keep in touch... is that even a friend?

Biggest Pet Peeve of All ~ Machoism

Favorite foods ~
My Grandma's Christmas Eve Fish!

Desserts ~
I like pies (Pumpkin) better than cakes... except cheesecake!
Vanilla is always the best ice cream!
Milk Chocolate Candies are always best with peanut butter!

Best Seasons ~ Summer and Spring
I only like the leaves in Autumn.

Favorite Color ~ Burgundy
2nd favorite color ~ Fuschia or Magenta

Flowers ~ Lillies
or exotic looking flowersGems and Stones ~
Opals, Onyx, Hemititte, Garnets and My Birth Stone - Rose Quartz

Jewelry ~ Right now I'm into Silver, Platinum and White Gold.

Tattoos ~ 2
1 of Flowers & Butterfly
1 of Heart on a scroll and Flowers with a Butterfly

Piercings ~
only in my Ears, I had 14, but most closed.

Nail Base Coat ~ OPI Nail Envy (this stuff is amazing!!)

Nail Style ~ French Manicure
If Painted ~ Burgundy Brew

Lipstick ~ Moisture Rich Burgundy Brew

Other Makeup Must Haves ~
brown eyeliner
brown/black mascara
white and chocolate colored eyeshadow.
I never wear foundation or compact, I hate the feeling of it!

Skin Care Must Haves ~
Biore Nose Strips
Almay 3 Step Cleansers and Moisturizer
Purist 8% Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream

Deoderant ~ Degree Shower Clean scent

Shampoo ~ Biotera (generic Biolage)

Hair Products ~ All Biotera

Soap ~ Dial Gold

Toothpaste ~ Colgate Total Fresh Stripe

Body Wash ~ Calgon's Hawaiian Ginger

Cologne/ perfume ~ Sunflowers
Calgon's Hawaiin Ginger Body Mist and Dry Oil when used with body wash

Detergent ~ Tide Mountain Spring

Softener ~ Snuggle Fresh Rain

Some Cleaning Products Must Haves ~
Febreeze Fabric Freshner (I have dogs, remember)
Lysol Air Freshener & Antibacterial Spray Lemon scent
Resolve Carpet/Fabric Cleaner
Glade Pet Odor 2 in 1 Carpet/Fabric Freshener (makes it smell all nice!)

Audio/Video Equiptment ~ All Sony!!

Living Room Decorated in Southwestern
Mostly Dark Blue

Kitchen Decorated in Sunflowers and Pigs
White and Hunter Green

Bathroom Decorated in Seashore
Water Colors and Seagreen/Seamist

Bedroom Decorated in Magnolias and Floral
Burgundy, Black and Gold

I will soon think of more!! <---START OF SIG--->





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