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Tangerine Dream

They provided the soundtrack for Legend.
Just recently I bought another cd of theirs other than legend. Great music!

Trangerine Dream: Here

I purchased GOBLINS' CLUB
Here's what's written inside the cover. I thought it was great!

and timeless access to the
including lifetime membership

Are you familiar with that transparent type of fantastic mirror which is like a window - in which you can see a landscape - in which all the objects in your room are reflected? Suddenly you recognize the person beside you for what they really are, like in that initail moment when they first wake up - with tousled hair, totally relaxed, not yet tensed, without a name or career or social standing. And then later, in that state of apparent wakefulness, they become a caricature, they turn into a bustling clown in their own circus and after a humble appearance, they must roll up their carpets again. In the end they remain jesters, buffoons. And then there's that strange feeling when you're standing in front of the mirror, early in the morning, drying your face and you imagine that you just washed your thoughts along with everything else - and maybe you yourself are a goblin - in the midst of an entire world which has existed many times before. Maybe you are living on the lowest planet level - maybe our earth is as meaningful to other planets as was Leonardo da Vinci's dog some past century ago as it just now went round that corner? What would happen if da Vinci's dog suddenly paused under the light of a gas lantern and it realized that life is the search for 'nothing' after the 'something'? Da Vinci would be happy to have learned something from his dog. And in return he would tell the animal something about the body - which translates the soul into the visible. But now the day is completely worn out, let's climb back slowly to thhe morning.

(a few thought from Christian Morgenstern while having a cup of Earl Grey in an old tea house in Berlin in the year 1906)

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