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Lake Ariel-Week 2

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Lake Ariel Vacation - Week 2

Sunday, July 4, 1999

Today was very muggy and we spent most of our time either keeping very still or swimming in the lake. Later that afternoon I cooked some steaks and burgers outside. This was steak #5 for me, plus 3 burgers.
That night Mel and Chris got in the boat while Craig and I followed on rafts to watch the Fourth of July fireworks at the Lake Ariel Village. On our way back to the shore something in the water tried to nest in one of my folds.

Monday, July 5, 1999

I believe this was the muggiest day of the trip. In the morning we all did our laundry in Hamlin and we picked up some groceries. When we got back to the cottage we all did our own things. I couldn't stand the humidity so I got in the car, cranked up the air conditioning and went for a long drive to Honesdale and then to Hamlin. For dinner I picked up a roasted chicken from this bar-b-cue place. It was good.
That night, past 11 p.m., Craig and Chris went to the pond in the rowboat. They said it was freaky but they'd do it again.

Tuesday, July 6, 1999

Photo of Hall Of Fame model.

Chris: "Hello. My name's Chris."

Today we went to Cooperstown, NY. There we saw the Baseball Hall of Fame and walked around and shopped. Even here it was muggy. To me this was the part of the trip that was the best and most memorable. While on our way up to Cooperstown Chris and I had been endlessly telling the story of the BIG STEAK that I ate the last time we were up in this part. I had to be sure we ate at this place so I bet all three of them that if they ate their whole steak, which I believe was 26 ounces, I would pay for their dinner.

Love steak?
Eat here.

When we arrived at the restaurant we ordered 4 big steaks. Soon the meat came and we all began to eat. I was sure Craig would eat his steak but I was hoping to break even on the other two. I finished my steak first (steak # 6), barely beating Craig. Craig finished then Chris ate all of his. All that was left was Mel. Poor little Mel. What a trooper she was. It looked like she was beginning to lose color because all of her blood was rushing to her stomach to help digest. Then about an hour from when we got our food she finally finished and I bowed in defeat. Although I had to pay for their dinner, the good thing was each steak cost about $11. When we were all done I paid and we left. (Big Steak photo: Whoa, that was a big steak. I'm sure the people thought we were weird taking pictures of our food.) (Right photo: Mel: "Do I gotta eat the fat too?")
For the next 150 miles back they slept while I was constantly trying to catch my breath and fighting torrential rainstorms and torrential stomach pains at the same time.
That night was my night to do the dishes and I was in no mood to do it so I paid Craig $8 to clean 3 dishes.

Wednesday, July 7, 1999

The next morning we left our cottage at 10 a.m. and headed to Cromwell, Connecticut to see some of Chris' family. Along the way we stopped in Bristol, CT and went to Lake Compounce theme park. It was a nice amusement park and we all enjoyed our visit.
(Left photo: Mel and Chris on the sky ride.) (Center photo: Mel and Chris doing the 'Wildcat'.) (Right photo: Chris:"WOW, LOOK AT THAT TILT!!!" JJ: "We weren't tilting, we were going fast and turning left at the same time.")
When we arrived in Cromwell we decided to grab a bite to eat before meeting Chris' family. We ate at a restaurant called Friendly's where I ate Steak #7.
Next we went to Chris' aunt Ellie's house where we met Aunt Ellie, Donna, Jessica, John, Nicole, their two dogs, cousin Cheri and her father, Rod. That night we visited and played Set Back (card game, similar to Pitch). The shower and cool living room sure felt good and I slept great (After my offer to Aunt Ellie for her to sleep in my bed fell through).(Left photo: Aunt Ellie's house.) (Right photo: Donna's house.)

Thursday, July 8, 1999

The next day we went to the Mystic Seaside Aquarium. On our way we got lost and ended up driving around for about half an hour. We went across a big white drawbridge and wanted to get out but the natives were restless. After firing my navigator, Craig, and asking for directions we finally made it to the Seaside Aquarium. We saw a dolphin show; an underwater tour; and bought some nice souvenirs. (Left photo: Penguin that greeted us at the entrance.) (Right photo: Dolphin show.)
That evening Aunt Ellie cooked us a delicious dinner of Lasagna, sausage, salad and bread. I especially liked the sausages. I must have put 3 plate fulls away. Then I ate some salad to make it appear I was eating healthy.
Again we played Set Back, the guys vs. the gals. I'll leave it up to you to figure out who won. I'll tell you this much...we guys opened a huge can of "Whoop-azz". Wink wink, nod nod.

Friday, July 9, 1999

The next morning we all dreaded going back to the cottage. I really enjoyed my stay and I highly recommend everyone getting an Aunt Ellie. I look forward to someday meeting Aunt Ellie and Co. again. They were very nice and very cool.
We headed back to Lake Ariel and caught a Red Barons game in Scranton, the last home game of the season. On our way back home we hit some hard rain and we decided to eat at Twin Rocks. Steak #8. Whoo Hoo.

(Left photo: Poor mascot. He was trying to do his job and entertain the spectators and Craig kept asking him for an autograph.

Saturday, July 10, 1999

Today was unlike any other day and will forever be remembered as the Night of Craig's TERROR.
Oh yeah, I ate at Debbie's Countryside Diner but had chicken because they were out of steak and roastbeef.

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