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Poll Results

Here I will post the final results of my web polls. If you have any comments, or any ideas at all for questions you would like to see submitted, e-mail me right away! This is your chance to voice your opinion about the pens!

Poll #1
Would the Pens benefit from trading Jagr?

Yes! He could be very valuable in a trade!8%
No way! They would have to be insane to give Jagr up!82%
I don't really care.0%
They should trade Kaspy or Kovalev instead.8%

Total: 56 votes.

Poll #2
Do you think there are any bad feelings between between Jagr and Lemieux?

Yes, Jagr has been upset ever since Lemiuex returned.10%
No, they seem to get along fine with one another.72%
Who cares as long as the pens win! 9%
It is none of my business.7%

Total: 55 votes.

Poll #3
Do you think that it was a wise move to split Jagr and Mario up and have Jagr on the third line?

No way! It was a big mistake and it shows! 63%
I think that it was a smart idea. They will get used to it.9%
What? Third line? When did this happen? 17%
I don't care0%
I'm not sure yet...give me a week or so.%7

Total: 102 votes.

Poll #4
Do the Pens have a chance at the Cup?

Dream on, they'll screw up soon enough. 11%
The Pens are going all the way! I already bought the Brandy! 78%
I'm not sure.5%
I don't care2%
Cup? I thought this was for the million bucks...1%

Total: 111 votes.

Poll #5
Do you believe that the Pens have been playing agressively for throughout the play-offs?

Of course! They couldn't be playing any better! 22%
Well, the refs seem to think so with all of the penalties... 11%
No, they need to step it up a bit. 50%
Yes, they have been, but with Kaspy gone, who knows... 5%
Who needs aggression...goals win games! 5%
Play-offs? Huh? I want my baseball 2%
I don't care. 2%

Total: 36 votes.

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