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Interesting Information

  • His salary for the '99-'00 season is $10.4 million.
  • Jaromir Jagr is really the III
  • He started skating at 3
  • His best friends are Martin Straka and John Cullen, and he is often seen craking jokes with Barnaby
  • He was chosen in the 1990 draft BEHIND Owen Nolan,Petr Nedved,Keith Primeau and Mike Ricci
  • First Czech player chosen in a draft without defecting
  • He has a dog Lucie (See the picture above for the picture of him posing with her for a calendar)
  • He's got a Mercedes convertible (among others)and claims that "all my cars are black"
  • Favorite music groups are Bon Jovi and Metallica
  • His favorite non hockey athletes are John McEnroe ("When he got that look in his eye, he looked like he was gonna cry") and Jennifer Capriati ( "I cheer for her because she is young")
  • Is interested in Czechoslovakian history
  • His favorite books are science fiction
  • Favorite movies are Eddie Murphy movies like "Coming to America"
  • Favorite shows are Married with Children and Saved by the Bell
  • When he was 6 years old and was playing a tournament against older kids, the coach of the other team asked Jaromir's father why he wasn't enrolled in a hockey school (only for 3rd graders and up) and his father said "he's only in the 1st grade". The coach walked away and shook his head and said "unbelievable" ( By the way, Jagr's team won and he scored 2 goals)
  • He bought his first car in '91
  • Said he wouldn't play in the World Cup if the Czech coaches wouldn't let him wear no.68 ("They don't let you wear any number over 30")
  • Says he wouldn't know what he would do if Petr wasn't on the team ("You don't know how happy I am to have someone here who I can talk to in my own language") Unfortunatly, Nedved was traded recently. I guess it forces him to learn more english!
  • Did a commercial for Sony Playstation NHL '97
  • Is doing an ad campaign for Starter (print ads)
  • Has an addiction to KitKats and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • His father is the president of HC Poldi Kladno, Jaromir's former hockey club
  • His father also owns 2 hotels in the Czech Republic and he says he would want to do get involved with that after he retires
  • He's the comic relief of the team. Some of the things he's done:
    1. Put on a wig and pretended to be one of the guys' girlfriends
    2. Put a toilet seat on his head and said he was Joey Mullen
    3. Wore a viking helmet, towel and boxing gloves and acted like Mike Tyson
    4. In honor of Petr Nedved's new facial hair, he put some black hockey tape on his face for a goatee and sideburns and went on the ice for a faceoff during practice, as soon as his teammates saw him they cracked up one by one
  • He likes to travel, especially going back to the Czech Republic
  • He thinks people there respect his privacy more
  • Jagr is the terror of Interstate 279 in Pittsburgh
  • When Darius Kaspararaitis came to the Pens he said, "I hear there's someone here who is a worse driver than me"
  • He scored the most points ever by a right winger with 149 points
  • Also the highest scoring European in a single season
  • He holds the record for most assists by a rookie in the Stanley Cup Finals
  • Also a record for youngest to score a hat trick (he was 18)
  • Scored his first penalty shot on John Vanbiesbrouck his rookie year
  • Says "every student needs a teacher and Mario was my teacher"
  • Jagr chose to play with number 68 in honor of his grandfather who was killed during the 1968 Soviet invasion. He is so passionate about it, that he will, (and has) refuse to play without the numbers 68 on the back of his jersey.

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