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This whole section is about my Goo meetings. I was very fortuante to be able to meet the Goo Goo Dolls three(all three!) I met them once in May once in October and once in September


My 2 buddies and I went to their May concert, which was at the very beginning of their summer tour. Not much happened there. They were very nice and polite to us, however.


I met them again in October. This was on the's Music & Technology Tour. I shook Robby's hand, and Johnny signed my CD cover.I also gave Johnny a bracelet! he put his arm around me! Before the concert I put on a temporary tattoo that looked like one of his, and then he yelled at my mom because she let me "Get ink done."Here is the picture of me with Robby, John, and Mike.
September 2000: I got to meet the Goos again w/ me friends in Canfield. This was on their fairgrounds tour. It was really a great show to go see. They were again, very sweet.

*If u have ever met the Goos, and would like to share your stories and pictures with me, feel free to e-mail me with them!And I'll post them up on my site!*