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Cherry Hill Club made a statement this week with two tight wins over teams which will present the biggest challenge come playoff time , Time Out As and La Rosa . The As are still in first place which provides a confidence builder and beating a veteran La Rosa team in nine innings elevated Cherry Hill to the favorite spot in the coming second season . Pitching is the difference in most teams final record and Cherry Hill has a great one and a good one. Brian Neff continues to dominate every time he takes the mound . His understudy , Sam Follo , is a veteran hurler who makes few mistakes and keeps his team in every game .This great combination is joined by a versatile group behind them . The biggest surprise is the emergence of Brian Schlack as a terrific clutch hitter who also is great defensively . Sean Bowers has played many seasons at the playground and has won several titles providing veteran leadership and Mike Travagline who is having a fine season playing several positions .

This team looms as the favorite to have the biggest smile come playoff time !