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                                 With rain playing havoc again with the schedule, and Time-Out virtually clinching first place barring a catastrophe, I thought I would take a look at the team I think has the best chance to knock off the current leader and that would be La Rosa . This veteran outfit has a nice combination of pitching and hitting to make it very dangerous at playoff time . Pitching is scarce in every softball league  and it is very rare when a team has three outstanding hurlers as La Rosa . Joe Rivello , Carmen DiGirolamo and Joe Canaris  would be number one starters on any other club . What a luxury to have all three! 

                                La Rosa has a bunch of good hitters to back up the pitching . The best power hitter in the league , Mario Sala , is joined by Dom Baszano , Nick Umile and his brother Pete to form a formidable line-up on any given night .

                               One might ask how this great team on paper sits in third place with all this talent . Long time followers of our league know that reliability is a word lacking in most of the teams vocabulary . These good players perform in different leagues each evening and have a hard time getting to a lot of the local games. Each game is a question mark who is coming. Communication is another word lacking in their vocabulary . I may be a little rough on this team but as I get older it galls me to see the best team lose year after year due to lame reasons.

                              Playoff time usually means all the good players will be present but not always. If La Rosa has all their players accounted for on game night they will be a formidable opponent for any  team . We will see!