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Updated on Thursday, March 30th, 2006. Thank you for playing here at Granahan Playground over the years. I have enjoyed being the commissioner and ref here for almost 15 years. I was sorry to leave in May 2003, but it was time for a change. Please feel free to contact me, even just to say hi. I am still the Appeals Commissioner for the Delaware County Scholastic Inline League (D.C.S.I.H.L.), so I am sure I have seen some of you now and then. From: Bob Brady Jr. Welcome!

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Here you'll find hockey stats, summer camp sign ups,
softball schedules and much much more. Check it out
and come back regularly. for updates. Also, any questions or comments for Commisioner and Head Referee Bob Brady Jr., email me at

Granahan Playground, 65th & Callowhill, is gearing up for its roller hockey league. The non-checking leagues will consist of ages 12 and under and 18 and under for boys and girls. Each league will have its own all-star game, trophies for high scorer, best defenseman and best goalie with individual trophies going to first and second place finishers in playoffs. Each player must have a caged helmet and protective gloves with every thing else optional. Each player, regardless of experience, will get playing time. The only negative is since we are the best program in the area, I would tell all to sign up early since we will close rosters due to limited rink time. Last year we had 240 kids playing in the various age groups. If you have never been to “THE HAN” come check us out! Cost is $30 per player. Any questions will be answered by calling the playground at 215-685-1990.