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Ted Bochanski is a fairly recent arrival to the hockey program. He lives in Folcroft, Delaware County, and was so impressed with our program he would rather travel a distance to play in a quality league.  He explains it this way, “There weren’t any established programs in our area in ’97, I saw an ad in the Daily Times notice section advertising roller hockey and decided to check it out first hand, I brought my son and daughter over one spring afternoon when the kids had off from school, they had their skates and started playing tag with a few of the kids in the playground.  Two of the boys, Chris Pettis and Pat Coyle, were very outgoing and encouraged my son, George to signup on their team the Avalanche, and we’ve been here ever since. I believe the interaction between the suburban kids and the inner-city kids has really enhanced their perceptions of the larger community in which we all live. Relationships have developed which I hope will continue to grow after players outgrow the program".


The first year Ted’s team didn’t do so well finishing in the bottom of their division. However, this proved to be the Midas touch, drawing the first draft of R.J. Carrido in the older division.  Ted drew on his hockey experience, having played for Msgr. Bonner and Widner University, and persevered in the spring of 1999, to pull a double as his 15 and under and 12 and under teams won their respective titles.  The best thing about both championships was Ted’s daughter, Julie, was the winning teams goalie in the older group and son, George, and was a member of the 12 and under team.  Ted is always willing to help out. His main contributions are in the publicity area. He puts the ads in the various local papers, makes the fliers to be distributed, makes the contacts trying to recruit other kids, and helps me with this web site, (when I am pulling on the few hairs I have left), with his computer skills.   Ted is a pipefitter with Merck & Co. who has also helped our program, he is another volunteer who has done his share to make “ THE  HAN”  “ THE BEST”!

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