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Game of the Week-(week ending 10.11.02)

Bulldogs-8 Royals-7:

            This was the Bulldogs’ first game of the year, and they made it an interesting one. They were losing early in the game, but consistently came back to tie it every time they trailed the Royals, who were led by Ryan Langley (2 goals), Nakia Yuille (2 goals), Jeremiah Jaroch (1 goal, 1 assist), Steve Leitch (1 goal), and Jesse Heier (1 goal). The Bulldogs never quit, and eventually Steve Curley was just too much for the Royals, and they took the lead by a score of 8 to 6, and held on to win 8 to 7.

             The Bulldogs were led by Steve Curley (4 goals, 1 assist), Jon Donohue (3 goals, 1 assist), and Steve Saraceni (1 goal).