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Game of the Week- (week ending 10.25.02)

Brahma Bulls- 7 vs. Wolfpack- 7 (Final- O.T.):

            The rain on Thursday, October 24th moved us from the main rink onto the smaller backup rink, but it didn’t stop the fast and furious action between these two teams. The action was back and forth, with each team leading at one point or another during the game. Then the Bulls went up by a score of 7-6 with about two minutes remaining in the third. This looked like the end for the Wolfpack, but they had other plans.

            With about 5 seconds remaining, Alex Landry of the Wolfpack scored the tying goal (his 4th of the night) on a very contested play in which a Brahma Bull defenseman was pushed into his goalie by a Wolfpack player during a skirmish in front of the Bulls’ net. But I decided that both players were fighting for position legally, and so the goal would stand and off to O.T. we went!

            The overtime period was just as much fun as the third, with the last play being a pop-up on Bulls’ goalie Walt Marziani that he dove to hit away, just as the Wolfpack’s Joe Grajek dove to hit the ball towards the net with a last second shot from behind the line on the right side of the net! An exciting ending to an exciting game!