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Game of the Week- (week ending 12.6.02)

Brahma Bulls vs. Royals (Game 2:Best of 3- Bulls lead the series 1-0)

††††††††††† The Bulls had a one goal lead on a goal by Tim Saraceni that held up until midway through the 3rd period. Thatís when the Royalsí Steve Leitch tied the game at 1-1. This helped give the Royals some momentum, and they eventually took the lead on defenseman Jeremiah Jarochís nice slap shot from the point.

††††††††††† However, that lead didnít last long as Bulls winger Adam Viola quickly tied the game at 2 a piece. And the game was finally decided late in the 3rd on a great goal by the Bullsí Tim Saraceni, which gave his team the 3-2 win and the right to advance to the Finals.