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Games of the Week- (week ending 1.3.03):


12.23.02- Finals: Game 2: Bulls- 10 vs. Bulldogs- 2

          No ice or moisture was on the court in this game, and both teams were flying like racecars! The Bulls were smarter this time around, putting a shadow on both Steve Curley and Jon Donohue, holding the pair to just one goal and two assists between them. That proved to be the Bulldogs’ downfall; with their two top scorers held in check they only managed to score two goals in this game.

          The Bulls countered with goals by Tim Saraceni (2G,2A), Casey Adler (3G,1A), Steve Cieri (2G), Adam Viola (1G,1A), John “J.C.” Carnevale (2G), and good goaltending by Walter Marziani. The series was now tied up at one game apiece.


1.2.03- Finals: Game 3: Bulls- 9 vs. Bulldogs-3

          This game was almost a carbon copy of Game 2 of the series, except this game was played on our smaller rain court. Neither Jon Donohue or Steve Curley had much time to take a shot, but Jon still managed to score three times anyway, with all three coming off of Bulls turnovers.

          The Bulls continued their domination of the Bulldogs. The Bulls netminder, Walt Maziani, had another strong game. The Bulls’ all-star defenseman Mike Cieri also had another fine game, like he has all playoff long. He must have blocked about 10 shots in the Finals alone.

          The Bulls were led by Tim Saraceni’s three goals and two assists, with line mate Casey Adler chipping in with a goal and assist of his own.

                    Congratulations to both teams, Bulldogs’ coaches Tony Saraceni and Bob O’Neill, and Bulls coach Mike Cieri on a great Fall season. See you in the Spring!