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Alicia Anglin is a sixth grade honor student at the Overbrook Educational Center. She plays roller hockey, basketball, volleyball and softball where she was voted most valuable player of her team. She is an avid reader who also is very prolific in  her writing skills. Her personality is one that everyone loves. She is always willing to help everyone and no task is too difficult for her to attempt.

                     Favorite subject in school—English

                     Things she likes to do: Write

                                                        Work with computers

                                                         Play the violin

                      Least favorite subject---Math

                      Favorite person in history—Ben Franklin because he

                       invented things to make peoples lives easier and better.        


                     Favorite movie---Toy Story 2

                      Thing she would like to see eliminated—Violence


It is very easy to see from her answers, Alicia is a very special young lady. She will be successful in any future endeavors.