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Star Fox 64 Strategy

Fox McCloud
Peppy Hare
Slippy Toad
Falco Lombardi
Bill Grey
Katt Monroe
Wolf O' Donnel
Leon Powalski
Pigma Dengar
Andrew Oikonny

Welcome to my Star Fox 64 Strategy! Here, you can learn how to get to each course, how to beat it, how to defeat the bosses, how to defeat Andross in Hard Mode, how to get the two hidden characters, and much, much more! Let's begin!


The courses are Corneria, Sector Y, Meteo, Katina, Fortuna, Aquas, Solar, Sector X, Zoness, Sector Z, Macbeth, Titania, Area 6, Bolse, and Venom. However, you only have to go through seven of them, always starting with Corneria, and always ending with Venom. Here is how you pass each course:


At the beginning of this course, Slippy will get chased by an enemy. Consider that a warm-up for what will happen to Falco later. When you reach the Checkpoint, hold the Left C Button to boost until you can't anymore. Then shoot your laser at the three ships chasing Falco. By the time they leave the screen, your boost meter should be refilled, so boost as far as you can again, then hold A to charge your laser. When it locks on to one of the enemies chasing Falco, press B to shoot a Bomb. The devistation will destroy all three ships, but save Falco. When you reach the water, fly through all seven stone archways. With Falco safe and sound, he can guide you to the special boss. Here's how to beat him. When he says, "Deploy all units! CHARGE!", shoot the spot on him where it's open and enemy ships are coming out! When all three are destroyed, start shooting the boss himself. If you don't face this boss, here's how you defeat the other: Shoot one of his legs to make him fall, then shoot the green box on his back. If you defeat the Normal Boss, you'll head to Meteo. If you destroy the Secret Boss, you'll proceed to Sector Y.


I'll start by teaching you how to pass Meteo, then I'll give instructions to Sector Y. You need Falco to find the Warp Gate. Fly through, so that when you defeat the boss, you'll get Mission Accomplished, rather than Mission Complete. Here's how you defeat the boss: Don't shoot the shield, or it will absorb the laser, then fire it back at you. Instead, look for a gap in the shield, where you'll see a yellow spot. Shoot it until you destroy all the yellow spots. When his shield falls off, avoid the beam, then shoot the yellow spot where the beam was. When you destroy it, the ship will turn upside down. Destroy the yellow spot on both the top and the bottom to defeat the boss. If you get Mission Complete, you'll go to Fortuna. If you get Mission Accomplished, you'll go to Katina.

Sector Y

This is the Cornerian Army's Base, and General Pepper wants you to get the bad guys out of there! If you can destroy at least 100 enemies, you'll get Mission Accomplished. If not, you'll get Mission Complete. To defeat the boss: First, you'll fight the two lackeys. Shoot their shield! Then the real boss comes. Do the same thing to him. If you get Mission Complete, you'll go to Katina. If you get Mission Accomplished, you'll go to Aquas.


This was once the Cornerian Army's Defense Post. Now, it's the Enemy Army's next target! As you destroy enemy ships, ROB64 will plant a bomb at the base, because enemy ships are coming from there. Then, Wolf, Leon, Pigma, and Andrew, the four members of Star Wolf, will arrive. Pigma Dengar was once a member of Star Fox, with Fox McCloud's father, James McCloud, and Peppy Hare. Now, he is on Andross's side. James died, but Peppy summoned Fox McCloud (you), Slippy Toad, and Falco Lombardi to be the new members. ROB64 the robot sends you supplies. Press the Right C Button when the phone rings to recieve it. Now, it's time to defeat Star Wolf. You only have a limited time, and you must defeat all four. If one chases you, hold the Control Stick down and press the Left C Button to Somersault, or hold the Bottom C button to press the brakes as long as possible, then shoot them. Bombs and Charged up lasers won't do well at all! You need regular lasers. Use as good a laser as you got! One green laser is Single, two greens are Twin, two blues are Hyper. Get Laser Enhancements to advance to the next laser. Lose a wing to go back to Single Laser. Use Wing Repair for maitenance! If you defeat Star Wolf within the alloted time, you'll get Mission Accomplished. If not, you'll get Mission Complete. Star Wolf is the boss. If you get Mission Complete, you'll go to Sector X. If you get Mission Accomplished, you'll go to Solar.


Hidden Character found here! Wanna start a new, but temporary, member of the Star Fox Team? There are two in the game, but you can only get one per time through. The best thing about them is, they have no Life Meter. In other words, they're invincible! The first one is here at Katina. His name is Bill. Bill is the leader of the Katina Army. Katina is being attacked, so it's up to Star Fox to help save their Frontline Base! Try not to shoot down members of Katina Army. The best strategy is to lock on to enemies, since your laser will never lock on to allies. Peppy has a red triangle with a P above his Arwing. Slippy has a green triangle with an S. Falco has a blue triangle with an F. Well, above Bill's ship is a dark green triangle with a B. Shoot down all the bad guys you can. When the mothership arrives, more enemies will come. When Bill says, "The hatches are open.", look in the bottom-right corner of the screen to see the radar. You're the yellow ship. Make it go to the big, black circle so you can reach the mothership. Shoot the four hatches on the bottom when they're open to make the core appear. When it appears, destroy it within the alloted time to get Mission Accomplished. If your time runs out, you'll get Mission Complete. The boss is the mothership. If you get Mission Complete, you'll go to Sector X. If you get Mission Accomplished, you'll go to Solar.


Peppy, Slippy, and Falco will be with ROB64 in Great Fox, while Fox pilots Slippy's invention, the Blue Marine! Unlike the Arwing and Landmaster (seen later), the bombs, or torpedos, are unlimited. They can light your path through the sea. When you find the bio-weapon, shoot the tubes. When they turn these wierd colors, do as Slippy says and "Fire a homing torpedo!" When both have been destroyed, shoot the eyes. When they become just one eye, shoot another homing torpedo. Those annoying balls may get in your way, though. Once you defeat the boss, you'll get Mission Accomplished, no matter what, and head to Zoness.

Sector X

Andross is working on a secret weapon, which is located here at Sector X Combat Zone! When you reach a fork in the road, where you can go either left or right, go left both times. Be sure Falco's still with you so he can guide you to the warp gate. Shoot all four warp panels. It's not that easy, but if you came here from Katina, Bill will do it for you! If you lost Slippy previously, he'll return in this level, just to get lost again. When you fight the secret weapon, if you flew through the warp gate, you won't lose Slippy. If you didn't, you'll have to defeat the boss before Slippy is defeated. When it's head is facing forward, Barrel Roll (press Z or R twice) to repel his fire and shoot his yellow eyes. When his head blows up, shoot the part of his neck where it used to be. If Slippy was defeated, you'll have to go to Titania to save him. If not, you're free to go to Macbeth!


The enemy bio-weapon is at the Lylat System's Sun, Solar. Be sure you watch your shield guage. The energy constantly decreases. Shoot the rocks to get Silver Rings. If you shoot flashing rocks, you'll get Golden Rings or Silver X's. If you came here from Katina, Bill will shoot a bunch of rocks for you. When you reach the enemy bio-weapon, shoot both of its arms till there's lava spewing from them. Then shoot its throat. When it's defeated, you'll go to Macbeth.


This once beautiful planet is now a toxic waste dump! Somebody's going to pay! Falco's girlfriend, Katt, the other of the two hidden characters, who has a pink triangle with a K above her ship, shall help you by shooting the search lights on the left, while you take care of the ones on the right. (Hmm... Bill is a dog, Katt is a cat. Dogs chase cats. Maybe that's why you can only get one hidden character per time through the game?) When Katt says "I've got somebody on my tail!", you're not worried about her being defeated, you're worried about her crossing a search light. So, immediately shoot the bad guy, then all the search lights on the screen in front of her. When you reach the boss, shoot bombs at the two exhaust pipes at the top. The cannon balls contain bombs that you can get by shooting them. When both exhaust pipes are destroyed (which requires two bombs each), shoot one bomb at one of the cannons. When he uses his crane to pull it back up, shoot three bombs at it to destroy it. Then shoot one bomb at the other cannon. (The limit to bombs is 9) Then, just shoot regular lasers at the part above where the fireballs are being shot. If necesary, press Z or R twice to repel most of the fireballs. If you destroyed all the search lights, you'll go to Sector Z. If not, you're stuck on the path to Macbeth!


Fox shall head the Landmaster, while Peppy and Falco pilot their Arwings. Slippy should've listened to Peppy when he said "Slippy, get back here!" at Sector X, when you fought the secret weapon. Now, you have to save him! If Peppy or Falco gets chased, hold Z and R at the same time to hover. When you're as high as you can go, press B to shoot a bomb, then again to detonate. When you fight the boss who's holding Slippy hostage, shoot his top left, bottom left, and bottom right arms, so Slippy, who's in his top right arm (from you're point of view), can escape, then analyze. Destroy that arm, then shoot his chest over and over until you can claim victory for yourself. You'll then head to Bolse.


Fox once again is in the Landmaster, while Peppy, Slippy, and Falco pilot their Arwings. If you arrived here from Zoness, Katt should come through to help you through this whole stage. She'll start by shooting up enemies. Destroy as many lairs of the train as you can for some scored hits! When Falco says, "I see the fuel bunker on the right side!", then that's your cue to look for 8 switches. Shoot them all to change them. Katt will take the ones on the left, and you just get the right. When you and Katt shoot all eight, shoot the switcher. Then face the boss. To defeat him, destroy the top and bottom of the ship, then when the back of the train opens, shoot it, then the robot. Repeat until you win. If you shot all 8 switches and the switcher, you'll get Mission Accomplished and go to Area 6. Otherwise, it's off to Bolse!

Sector Z

It's time to save Great Fox from a missle attack. If you ever need to recover, just fly through the cockpit of Great Fox where the ships came out of. It will start with one missle. Look for the missle on radar, then make the yellow icon fly over to the missle shaped icon. It will say "Missle" right above it. Shoot it repeatedly. Later, two more will come. Destroy them with Slippy's help. When the last three come, Katt will arrive to help. She'll weaken the missles while you finish them off! If successful, your next destination is Area 6. If not, you're on your way to Bolse.


Destroy all the barriers. There are 6 total. Once they're destroyed, enemies will come out. Destroy as many as possible until Peppy sees the core. Shoot all the yellow blocks until you finished them off to leave. But, Star Wolf will arrive to spoil your plans. If you came from Fortuna, however, only the ones you haven't defeated will appear. Destroying Star Wolf doesn't matter, you just might to wanna get them out of your way. Do so to earn the right to destroy the core and go to your final destination: Andross's home world, Venom!

Area 6

Venom 2 can only be reached if you go through Area 6. At times, ROB64 will call you to help you out shooting enemies. Press Right C if you want his help. To defeat the boss, shoot as many enemies as possible, then wait for the boss's core to open. Shoot his energy balls and dodge his rainbow beam by Barrel Rolling. When Peppy says to shoot his core, keep pressing A as fast as you can until you get Mission Accomplished so you can go to Venom 2.

Venom 1

The enemies will be attacking like crazy now, not worried about your wingmen, just you! Swarms of enemies will be everywhere, so never give up! Trust your instincts! When you face the boss, be sure to use the breaks plenty when blocks appear, then use the boost to catch up, and shoot his back, shoulders, feet, arms, and butt until his head turns red, then shoot it to make his back vulnerable again, this time, even more vulnerable, then he'll die. It's time for Fox to go solo now, because he wants to fight Andross alone to avenge his father. To defeat him, shoot his hands. When he inhales, shoot a bomb into his mouth. When both hands are destroyed, aim for his eyes until he turns into a wierd shaped head, then shoot his eyes a little more to beat the game in easy mode. But hard mode has a better ending!

Venom 2

You probably thought what I thought. If you go the hard path, Star Wolf won't appear. Think again! They'll have new ships with more powerful missles, better durability, and much faster engines. On top of that, they'll be more skilled at using their new ships. When all are dead, Fox goes solo once again. This time, Round 1 is the same. Round 2 is where you'll have trouble. This time, he's a brain. Shoot the electric strings' ends, then aim for his cerbellum and he'll blow up. James McCloud's angel will come by in his Arwing to guide you out. Use the boost to see him better. Follow him the whole way or you'll be joining him shortly. Make it out to see a happy ending!


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