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Troop Assignments

Troop Positions
    Senior Patrol Leader - John Wilson
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader - Sam Orlando
    Troop Scribe - Kevin Paris
    Troop Librarian - Andrew Carr
    Troop Historian - JD Dougher
    Chaplain's Aides - Sam Orlando and Tom Piasecki
    Troop Quartermaster - John Conte
Unhappy of these position holders? Don't want them in office? Well there's something you can do! Come to the April 30th, 2002 meeting and nominate someone else and vote ... every vote counts, especially since we're a medium-sized troop.
    Patrol Assignments
    Every week there will be a "Service Patrol" who will clean up the building after all the Scouts have left. Their duties include to find any left behind books, fix up the centerpieces, put the tables back together, get the tableclothes on the right way, and to make sure all the chairs are put back for the senior citizens don't have to do this when they come in the next morning. Their is a different service patrol and every patrol should get to be a service patrol at least once every 1.

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