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Troop 34

Welcome to the official online home "Of The Troop that Makes the Path for Future Leaders" -- Troop 34 - The Wooducks! In the fall of 1992 the leaders of Pack 34 decided to take Scoutmaster Fundamentals. During this training the leaders had to form a patrol, design a flag, and come up with a yell. The name they chose was WOODUCKS and their flag was a replica of the postage Stamp "WOODUCK" It was made by Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Krzan. Their yell is as: "HEY YOU (pause) DUCK" Following the completion of their training they elected Marty Coyne as our first Scoutmaster. The original Wooducks are:

  • Marty Coyne
  • Myron Marcinek
  • Bernie Krzan
  • Tom Umile
  • Jim Naticchi
  • Sylvia Kolosinki
  • Martin T. Coyne Tribute
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