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The Gentlemen

Da Gentlemen Group Pics

We Just Chillin...

Eric & James Trying To Look Suave

Here's Mike, James & Eric

Here's Jamie showing some love to his little niece Leann

James getting caught leaving Russell

Eric, Jamie & Mike at 99' Homecomming

Here's Eric with our advisor Ralph Godbot at the PBOCHE conference

Maintaining the bond of Brotherhood

This better be water because I'm on a diet!

Too hot to handle!

It's a New Jersey and New York thang!

Delivering can goods to the the Needy over the Thanksgiving holidays

BSU Auction

Eric showing them why they call him E-Nasty at the BSU Auction

Junior's showing the ladies of LHU why they call him "The Haitian Sensation".

DG's Holding the spot down

Sophisticated Ladies Formal Ball

DG's Smacking it down for the Formal Ball