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The Distinguished Gentlemen's Own:

Name: Michael Elgin Kimrey

Nickname: Big Man Mike (BMM for short)

Age: 20

Position in DG: Vice President

Hometown: Reading, PA

Year: Junior

Major: Sports Administration


Personal Info: Strong-minded, strong-willed, young man who loves the beautiful ladies. Spends time with all six of his baby sisters when he's back home in Reading. Would do anything to keep those little girls happy. And I mean anything. Would even go through hell and back to battle Satan himself to keep his little sisters safe. Loves his family with all his heart. Peeps out the females because they are too beautiful to not look at. Dresses dapper and sharp. Always on point when he knows what he's talking about. Writes rap songs, and is ready to make a demo tape to play at parties or even give to some managers to check his steelo. Demo tape album is called: ROUGH, RUGGED, AND RAW! Check him out when he's done with it or if you want to help with it. He's ready to go to war everytime someone has beef with his bulls, or family. Will lay his life on the line to keep his peeps safe. And, most importantly, CAN'T NOBODY HOLD HIM DOWN. HELL NAW!!! One love, no doubt. This is BMM, and I'm out.