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We were very fortunate to have received two sets of jungle gym equipment,
a merry-go-around and two swing sets, 1 is a baby swing set, a sandbox,
also we have three new rock and ride toys to play on from the Cranesville
Boro. They were offered the equipment at a price that they could not
resist. With the grant money that the neighborhood Watch received we are
purchasing the cement , land fill and mulch to had the equipment properly
installed for the safety of the children who will be enjoying it.

We will also be purchasing new picnic tables and a few more benches so that
neighborhood families can relax and enjoy the park also.

Jungle Gym set #1

Jungle Gym set #2

WOW! Doesn't that look like lots of fun?
Andrew, Andrew and Justin enjoying the new equipment.

We wish to send out a very special THANK YOU to the Cranesville Boro and to all the
wonderful volunteers who spend many hours helping us to complete this project.
Paul Lasher one of the Neighborhood Watch's Co-Chairpersons gets the credit for
organizing the tear down and instulation of all the new equipment.

The equipment had to be torn down moved into storage, the ground prepared, and the
equipment moved and resembled at our park. After all that, the equipment had to be
cemented into place, the ground around it leveled and then the
protective saftey mulch on top of that.

The Boro graciously agreed to give the park pavilion a face lift also.
Wheel chair ramps have been added to make it handicapped excessiable. The Boro also
had the roof of the pavilion repaired and new shingles put on. It is really looks nice.
All the work done to the roof was donated by Kovacs Contracting of Cranesville.
A very special thank to Kovacs Contracting and the volunteers who helped him.

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