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The Story of
A Hockey Puck and Mario Lemieux

Anyone who knows me, even just a little, knows that I am a very avid hockey fan. Especially whenever it comes to the Pittsburgh Penguins. I faithfully watch every game on TV, never missing a hockey night for anything. Jaromir Jagr, my favorite hockey player, plays for the Penguins. I am usually a very nonviolent person. However, when placed in front of a hockey game, I get the most incredible urges to yell and scream at the TV, and throw things at the screen whenever a referee makes a call that I thought was bad. Naturally, whenever the Activities Office announced that they would be offering pre-season tickets to see the Pittsburgh penguins at the Civic Arena, I was there in an instant.

Instead of riding the van that Seton Hill provided for us, I hitched a ride with my boyfriend Shane, his coworker, Bob and Bobís girlfriend. The trip there was quit interesting indeed. We tried to navigate our way to the Civic Arena, otherwise known as the "igloo." Needless to say, we got lost several times, but luckily we still made it on time.

When we arrived at the arena, I was awestruck. It was the first time ever I had been to a real hockey game. It was a big night for me! The Igloo is a giant white dome and is very impressive to see. A lot of music concerts are held there as well. In fact the movie "Sudden Death", staring Jean Claude Van Damme was filmed at the Civic Arena.

We entered through the gate a found our seats. We were in the D section, not in the balcony but pretty close to the top of the arena. We could see the ice perfectly from where we sat. Later I would find out that we had the best seats in the whole place. Before the game started, Shane and I were allowed to venture down front and watch the players practice for the game. I was thrilled to see all the players of the Penguins up close. Jaromir Jagr skated around, and I watched him in complete awe. Suddenly, I heard a loud clanging sound near my feet. Shane didnít even notice it at all. I looked around to see the origin of the noise, and low and behold, and hockey puck had landed right below our feet. I started stuttering and pointing at the puck, and Shane looked down. He bent over and snatched it up before a dozen of people who also saw the puck ran us down. I was so excited! Imagine! Jaromir Jagr and all of the other Penguins had practiced with the puck in my hand! A little obsessed, one might think. But as an avid fan, it was priceless.

We went back up to our seats, and the game started. I thought the night couldnít get any better. But it did. Right above our seats was a VIP seating. I began to notice a bit of an uproar behind me, and I turned around to see what was going on. I couldnít believe my eyes when I saw whom everyone was pointing at. It was Mario Lemieux, an All-Star in hockey and the owner on the Pittsburgh Penguins. It all started with a little kid asking for his autograph. Then another person went up. Then another. Soon I found myself in line, my jersey in hand for him to sign it. I couldnít believe that I saw Mario Lemieux, let alone receiving his autograph on my Penguins jersey! After I got his autograph, I fought my way back through the long line, and immediately called my sister back home. After all it was her jersey. Earlier my sister and I had gotten into a huge fight. However, when she found out that I got her jersey autographed by Mario Lemieux, everything was forgotten!

Even though the Pens didnít win that night, I would say that I still had an incredible time. I have seen one other game after that, but nothing can compare to the night I received an official hockey and a Mario Lemieux autograph!

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