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Click on the following links to view pictures of JS Aubin. Some of these I scanned myself, ao they aren't exactly the best quality. It is hard to track down pics of JS because he is a rookie :)

Aubin reaching for the save!
Getting plowed down in the net
Smile for the team photo!
Ready for the puck!
On his knees to catch the bouncing biscuit
A wide open save
Close up!
Diving for the save
Putting his stick where the puck should be!
A pro at catching the puck
Where is that puck?
Looking somewhat dumfounded
Trying hard to block with distractions
Getting beat
On his knees for yet another block
Covering up!
Stretching for the save
Gloving the puck
Follow the bouncing puck!
DUCK! (awesome picture!)
JS has a quick eye and quicker reflexes

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