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Here are a couple of my favorite links. A couple pens pages, a couple jagr pages, and a few misc pages. Enjoy!

The Jean-Sebastien Aubin Site
Here is an awesome JS site that I stumbled upon. There are very few out there, and this one is a must see!

SeBas Online!
more Aubin! More info! More pictures! What more could a fan want?

Have you tried The Players Companion? Click on the link to view awesome pages, add your own page, or rank other websites!

Jessica's Jaromir Jagr Fan Page!
This is my other Web Page that I made dedicated to Jaromir Jagr! It ahs tons of info and pics! Czech it out!

Let's Go Pens!
This is an awesome web site for our favorite team, the Pens! Czech it out!

For up-to-date info on the Pittsburgh Penguins, check outThe Shack

This is a great site dedicated to the Pens!

Here is the official homepage for the Pittsburgh Penguins!"
This is where I got the great picture of the famous Mario Lemieux! Long live the Pens!

Another great Pittsburgh Penguins Page
This page has lots of information on the team, the origin of the Pen's logo and other interesting information.

Sound America!
This is the perfect place for those of you who love sound waves. I found a couple here from the pens as well.

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