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Eckley, PA
Hometown of Co. K, 81st PA

Many of the men in the original Co. K, 81st PA came from the mining village of Eckley near Hazleton, PA. Every August today's Company K, and other Civil War groups, hold a two-day encampment and living history to honor the men and their hometown. The town is now known as Eckley Miner's Village and has not changed much over the years. The old houses, churches, stores, and streets give a great backdrop to our encampment. It is not hard to imagine our men walking down the street or sitting under a tree contemplating what the future would hold for them as they prepared to depart for the war. Many did not return. A lucky few came back unscathed, but most returned with wounds or diseases they would suffer with until their dying day. Again, we represent them with sincerity and pride. Please visit the Original 81st page to learn about the men of Company K.

Join us August 18th & 19th, 2001 for a great Civil War weekend!

A nice shot of Co. K in front of the Company Store

Marching down Main Street

Soldiers relax in the shade in the company street

Pvt. Peduto and Sgt. Dombroski prepare for the morning's activities

Company K assembled for morning Dress Parade

The Major addresses both companies during Dress Parade

Cpl. Berta marches the men to camp after the mine accident

At "parade rest" in front of the Company Store

Firing a volley during the marching and firing demonstration

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