Next to writing, reading, computers, and all those other great things (check out the page about me for more details), I love to draw. Most of my stuff is based on cartoon characters. While I've started drawing almost exclusively freehand, I still draw many of my pictures by looking at a smaller image and then drawing it larger. I never trace.

Links to the artwork I have scanned are listed below. However, this won't be an art gallery in the truest sense unless I have your work here too! If you have a scanned picture you've drawn that you're proud of, please send it to me here. If I like it, I'll definitely post it. As with the stories, I'm pretty flexible, but please don't send anything highly inappropriate!

If you like one or more of these pictures and want it/them to appear in your website, please e-mail me first and ask permission!

Artwork by Minna Lunney

A freehand ink drawing I made for my friend Katie. After I showed her my picture of Sarakhnet (you can see it too if you scroll down a bit), she asked me for her own drawing of a girl with big eyes, so I drew her one. This girl is completely of my imagination.

The leader of the mummy guardians from Mummies Alive!. This is a large picture, one of the few pictures I have ever colored.

Another one of those cutsey animal creatures from the Sonic universe, only this echidna means business.

Another earlier sketch of mine on notebook paper.

Lara Croft
A freehand sketch of the tomb raider herself, shooting up the bad guys before she makes her escape from an exotic temple ruin.

Lara Croft and Nefertina
What a cool crossover! This is definitely fanfic-worthy... oh, if I only had the time! Well anyway, Nef kindly saves Lara from a whole lotta trouble in this one. I'm currently working on a computer-colored version of this picture, which I'll post once I'm done.

It's about freaking time I drew more ThunderCats! Heh, here's Lion-O with the Sword of Omens. This one's for my good friend Mittens. =)

Makoto/Lita/Sailor Jupiter
A pencil sketch of my second favorite senshi from Sailor Moon.

Minako/Mina/Sailor Venus
Another pencil sketch, this time of my favorite senshi from Sailor Moon. In this picture she is attacking with her Venus Love Me Chain. This is a large file and might take a while to load.

This is a silly freehand color drawing of myself, super-deformed style. I'm crushing over a guy- who could it be? ; )

Me and Lara Croft
I make another appearance in my own artwork- this time with legendary tomb raider Lara Croft! We're tight. This picture can also be found in Minna's Tomb Raider Toyland, my second domain. =)

The lone female guardian of Prince Rapses from Mummies Alive!. I like this picture a lot too (would it be here if I didn't like it?). It's in color.

Neo-Queen Serenity
One of the drawings I'm most proud of. This is a pencil sketch of the queen praying. It's rather large- please be patient!

Aww! =) I love Pikachu. I wish Pikachu were real so I could have one. They're so cute! Anyway, this is a hasty pen-in. It has "Pikachu" written across the top in katakana writing. My name in katakana also appears below my signature.

A deadly ninja, psychic, and X-Man to boot. This is the first picture I ever drew in my more serious mode of drawing. It's actually a composite of two separate images of Psylocke. I just picked and chose what I liked from both, and it came out pretty nice.

Rei/Raye/Sailor Mars
I drew this picture for a friend of mine at school named Suzan. In return she baked me a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies! I should draw stuff more often!

My favorite X-Man! Rogue's strong, pretty, and has a hot Cajun guy twisted around her (gloved) little finger. What more could a girl want? Okay, maybe the ability to touch things with her bare skin again would be nice.

Sailor Moon
Here's a pic of Sailor Moon about to recite her little "punish you" speech.

The character I made up for my Mummies Alive! story. It's a portrait drawing, and she looks kind of sad. And no, I don't want you to take that as an indicator of my innermost feelings.

Shootin' Skeet
A comical picture I drew for my good friend Demonprist after I got really mad with my sister's CD player one day. And I don't like DVDs at all, in case you were wondering. So, here are Lara Croft and Mumm-Ra, who just happened to stumble into an abandoned warehouse full of shiny little discs just waiting to be broken...

I've always liked the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, and there was a time when I watched the cartoons and read the comic book, but I basically got over my fandom after the plotline went to hell. I still like this color picture, though. I put it up in my locker at school every year.

Super Sailor Moon
She's looking over her shoulder at somebody. Probably Tuxedo Mask.

Super Sailor Moon Birthday Card
This was the birthday card I drew for my friend Jackie when she turned sixteen. I wrote her name in katakana at the top, but unfortunately the blue letter, "ki," is backwards! I didn't catch that mistake until after I had penned it in... d'oh! Oh well, this picture is in color and it looks pretty good.

Team Rocket
It's the lovable evil bad guy duo from Pokémon, along with their lovable evil bad guy Pokémon companion Meowth. I can't help it- say what you will, but I usually root for these guys.

The ThunderKittens (Wilykit and Wilykat)
A freehand sketch of my favorite ThunderCats duo. I didn't spend as much time on it as I would have liked, but it looks pretty decent anyway.

Here's my rendition of Black Eagle's Time Elemental (oh, go read the story). This one's for you, sweetie!

A very rough sketch of Vixar (a character from my Beast Wars story) in transformer robot mode. The shadowy little figure to the right is how I originally wanted to pose her, but I eventually drew away from that. No pun intended.

Vixar, Transmetal Beast Mode
The description says it all. Though I haven't actually written a story incorporating Vixar in a Transmetal form yet, I just got inspired one day and drew this. I've sketched her robot Transmetal mode too, which I'll probably scan later on.

I like this one a lot too. It's a pencil sketch of Wilykat (from the ThunderCats cartoon series), ready to defend himself with the Sword of Omens.

My Star Trek RP character. She's pretty cool. =) In this sketch I have her in a TOS movie officer's uniform with a type-2 phaser in her hand. Yeah, I know she's just a lieutenant right now (go here for more details), but... gimme a break! Star Trek TOS rules!

Zavvis Revamped
My little Vulcan science officer again, this time in color and in a uniform more in keeping with the timeline of the RPG. She looks kinda anime-ish, but I think it's a good effect. This one actually started out as a tiny doodle in the corner of my history notebook, which I later reproduced in my sketchbook.

Artwork by Black Eagle

Happy Anniversary
This is the picture that Black Eagle drew for me when my website turned one year old. =)

Her rendition of her character from her story entitled Nightmares (to read it, click here). It's in color and very cute!

This is by no means my entire art collection. I have a lot more I want to scan, but it's a little difficult since I don't have a scanner of my own, so please be patient! I plan to one day have the full scope of my artwork here for your viewing pleasure.

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