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*As of June 7th, 2000.*

This pic was drawn by my ever-talented friend Lady Bast!

I can't believe it- I'm done with high school! The time has really flown by. It seems like yesterday when I was in third grade, talking to some other people about what things would be like in middle school, and one of the girls kept saying that was too far away to think about. And now it's almost time for me to go to college! AAAHHH! I'm getting old!

My senior year is now officially over! =) School ended this past Wednesday, and they played Alice Cooper's "School's Out" over the PA when the last bell rang. We still had to come to school the next day for graduation practice (!), and Prom was later that evening. I had a really cool time and I finally got some pics scanned! Check 'em out by clicking below!

My Prom Pictures

Now I just need some pictures from my graduation party, which was also very fun, and from graduation itself (keep reading for details!).

I've finally made my decision! I was accepted to five universities, but I now know I'm definitely going to the University of Pittsburgh. =) I will be migrating from one set of Panthers to another- pretty weird, eh? Anyway, while at Pitt I plan to study computer science and international business. Wish me luck!

Baccalaureate and Graduation were just last week, and they went really well. Even though it was hot outside and we were in our Astroturf stadium, it was wonderful nonetheless. After the ceremony and hat-throwing, I ran around hugging all sorts of people. It hit me just then that I would never see a lot of them again. Not that I cared for the great majority of them, but there are certain special people in my class whom I hope I'll never lose touch with.

I was a valedictorian of my class, so they rewarded me by making me do something I hate: speak in public. Surprisingly, though, my speech went really well. I got a lot of compliments and my mom said she cried through the whole thing. I never even got nervous when I was reading it, and I'm one of those people who always gets nervous in that kind of situation. It is below if you care to read it (mind you, I had to stay within a two-minute time limit):

Can you remember how you spent this past Memorial Day? I still can. I woke up nice and late, studied for German and Physics... really... and ate Chinese with my family. Now, I pride myself on my reflective nature; but I must shamefully admit that I forgot all about the true purpose of the holiday until the evening news came on, and I watched parts of memorial services held all over the country. I was especially upset with myself because members from both sides of my family have served their respective countries in the armed forces. That night, as Tuesday and finals week gradually approached, I began to think about how we as human beings have an alarming tendency to not give credit where it is due; that we leave too many of our deserving heroes unsung; that oftentimes we fail to fully appreciate what others have done for us.

Take our parents, for example. They have worked hard and sacrificed a great deal in order for us to be here today. We should be grateful for siblings as well, if we have them. They know you better than anyone and can be your closest friends, especially when you happen to be in different countries for a few weeks. And speaking of friends, we ought to be thankful for them too, because they willingly lend us a hand or an ear when we need it most, and they don’t mind sharing the good times with us either. And how about our teachers? Sure, we all complain that Mr. or Ms. So-and-so didn’t have to assign that thirty-page report. But he or she didn’t have to read it either, nor did he or she necessarily have to help you understand your mistakes so that you could improve for next time. We owe a lot to a great many people, and let’s hope none of us forgets it.

In closing I’d like to thank my parents, Phil and Soheila, and my sister Krissy for their love, help, and support. Also, a big thank you to all my friends near at hand and far away, especially my LC girls, Sugar, Taco, Dre, and Jewel— please keep in touch! And finally, thanks to all my teachers for their guidance during the past four years. I guess this is where I’m supposed to throw in an obligatory quote or two, so... “knowing is half the battle,” and for Mr. Carney, “physics is life.” Congratulations and good luck to you all!

This isn't really a senioritis-vent page since technically I'm not really a senior anymore, but how about some stats on Upper St. Clair's Class of 2000 anyway?

School Colors: Red, White, Black
School Mascot: The Panther
Senior Colors: Light blue, Dark blue
Senior Song: "Free Bird" (who the heck voted for that one? I wanted Green Day's "Time of Your Life!" Oh well, it was cool for Prom, at least. While they were playing it, a bunch of guys stage-dived.)
Senior Motto: I can't even remember what it is. No one can; it wasn't even printed in the yearbook. It's pretty stupid.
Senior Skip Days: The 20th and 100th days of school. One was back in October but I went to school anyway. The 100th day of school came and went too. Again, I chose to attend school (didn't have much of a choice- several of my activity pictures were being taken that day). It was funny though- the school called up every senior's house this time and left a message saying that Senior Skip Day is "neither condoned nor tolerated by the administration," or something like that. Not very many people listened.
Senior Prank: This is a real painful story, so hold on: two of my friends bought fourteen pounds of blue glitter. They sneaked into our school stadium in the middle of the night and fashioned "2000" across the turf with it- pretty cool eh? ; ) But unfortunately they parked their getaway vehicle in a very obvious place, and were caught. They were suspended for three days and had to spend the whole next day vacuuming it up. So, what's the painful part? Not a single person snapped a picture first. (OUCH!) So our other prank, the official one I guess, is that someone pulled the fire alarm on the underclassmens' last day of school. They had to stand outside in blistering heat for twenty minutes while the building was checked out. Heh heh heh... >=)

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