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Derek Turner


Ok I am 19 now and many things are changing but that is ok I am still here and the webpage will live on even if I have to move it around a little bit. Now lets see for those of you who don't know me I am a nice kid more or less who doesn't have very many good pictures from what you can see and most of them are at least a couple years old but hey you can get a general synopsys of what I look like. On my last page I had some art I drew but it was really expressed in my homepage. I also had poetry which I will bring more out in this homepage!!! My friends are going to be issued also in this homepage along with so much more new fun stuff. Games possibly will be here but only simple ones cause I am just starting off on learning this JavaScript stuff well until I get alot of time this page will be under construction so please be patient while I learn more and make new and improved changes!!!

Here is my tribute to the last good Kennedy
ok now this really isnt the main page this is my tease page to go to my main page
main page