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SpectrumCaptain Scarlet an the Mysterons Spectrum



Captain ScarletAfter a landing on Mars in 2065 by the Earth's security organisation Spectrum, the Mysterons from Mars mistakenly believed that Earth had launched an unprovoked attack on them and their planet. They retaliated and in the process two Spectrum agents - Captain Scarlet and Captain Black - gain the power to re-create themselves, even after being killed. Scarlet maintains his loyalty and position as Spectrum's best agent, but Black becomes the Mysteron's pawn in the war they wage against the Earth.

Captain ScarletCaptain Scarlet (Paul Metcalfe) - Spectrum's number one, indestructable agent. After six hours under the control of the Mysterons, he has the power of retrometabolism. Born in Winchester in 2036, he rose to the rank of Colonel in the World Army Air Force before being head hunted by the committee forming Spectrum in 2066.

Captain Blue (Adam Svenson) - a brilliant, fearless pilot and member of Spectrum. Usually works with Captain Scarlet. Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 2035 he progressed from test pilot to security officer in the World Aeronautic Society before volunteering for Spectrum.

Colonel White (Charles Grey) - The Commander in Chief of Spectrum Cloudbase. In charge of all personnel on Cloudbase and on Earth. Born in London in 2017, he is a former admiral from the World Navy.

Lieutenant Green (Seymour Griffiths) - Colonel White's right hand man in the Cloudbase Control Room. He operates the computer which is the heart of Spectrum's communications and informations systems. Born in Trinidad in 2041, he was a hydrophones operator in the World Aquanaut Security Patrol before being promoted to Marineville's Control Centre.

AngelDestiny Angel (Juliette Pontoin) - Leader of the Spectrum Angels with a previous outstanding record in the World Army Air Force. Born in Paris in 2040, she resigned from the Intelligence Corps of the World Army Air Force after three years to set up her own firm of air freight contractors.

Rhapsody Angel (Diane Sims) - Rhapsody is wealthy society girl who was a security officer with an airline. Born in Chelsea in 2043, she worked for the Airways Light Freight Agency in Norway before it went bust.

Harmony Angel (Chan Kwan) - Harmony was previously a record-breaking round the world flyer. Born in Tokyo in 2042, she ran her father's Air Taxi business before joining Spectrum.

Symphony Angel (Karen Wainwright) - Symphony was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2042, and worked for seven years in the Universal Secret Service. She then left to join a small air charter company, from where Spectrum recruited her.

Melody Angel (Magnolia Jones) - Melody was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 2043, and was a pilot in the World Army Air Force.

Captain BlackCaptain Black (Conrad Turner) - leader of an expedition to Mars, he has been taken over by the Mysterons and turned into their agent. Born in Manchester, he was raised in Lancashire. In 2047 Turner was disfigured by a bomb explosion whilst trying to save a British WAAF base from a booby-trap. His face was reconstructed, and he then transferred to the World Space Patrol, where he commanded Fireball XL3.

Captain Grey (Bradley Holden) - One of Spectrum's most reliable agents, he was previously Security Commander of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol. Born in Chicago in 2033, he trained in the World Navy. Captain Ochre (Richard Frazer) - Previously lead a squad in the World Government Police Corps. Born in Detroit in 2035, he was turned down by the World Army Air Force due to his lack of formal qualifications. Captain Magenta (Patrick Donague) - Previously ran a criminal syndicate in New York and has an immense knowledge of crime and the underworld. Born in Dublin in 2034, his first job was as a computer programmer. Doctor Fawn (Edward Wilkie) - The resident Spectrum doctor at Cloudbase. Born in Yalumba, Australia in 2031, he studied medicene at Brisbane University before joining the World Medical Organisation.



The Episodes:

The Mysterons
Teleplay by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson Directed by Desmond Saunders

It is the year 2068 and, following what they mistakenly believe to be an attack on their Martian city, the Mysterons declare war on mankind. As Earth's first line of defence, the Spectrum organization swings into action, but not before Captains Scarlet and Brown are killed and their Mysteron duplicates dispatched on a mission of death. Surviving an attempt on his life by Captain Brown exploding beside him the World President is placed under the protection of Captain Scarlet - who proceeds to kidnap him and take him to the top of the 800-foot high London Car-Vu. Pursued and eventually shot by Captain Blue, Scarlet falls to his death but, upon recovery of the body, Spectrum make a startling discovery! Scarlet is mysteriously able to regenerate himself and live to continue Spectrum's fight against the Mysterons - unwittingly the Mysterons have created Spectrum's most important weapon.

Captain ScarletWinged Assassins
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by David Lane

As the elected leader of two hundred million people, the life of the Mysterons' latest target has to be safeguarded at all costs. Following an unsuccessful attempt by an agile sniper, Spectrum make arrangements to transfer the Director General of the United Asian Republic from his London hotel to his private jet at London International Airport. On Cloudbase, Captain Scarlet makes a full recovery after his fall from the London Car-Vu and, together with Captain Blue, is sent back to the city to take part in the operation. Despite elaborate precautions, the Mysterons are one step ahead and, as Scarlet, Blue and the Control Tower staff look on, a Mysteronised Stratojet breaks away from it's terminal and heads on a collision course with the Director General's plane. Scarlet must prove he is invincible and save the Director General.

Big Ben Strikes Again
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Brian Burgess

It is almost midnight and a high destruction-ratio atomic device is being transported through London; its destination, an underground construction site ten miles outside of the city. At the wheel of the huge transporter, the driver, Macey, can only watch helplessly as his vehicle seems to take on a life of its own, careering madly through the streets, before coming to a sudden stop in an underground car park. Finding himself sealed in, Macey switches on his radio and is baffled to hear Big Ben strike thirteen times! Suddenly aware that he is no longer alone, Macey is struck from behind and knocked unconscious, but not before he has seen the atomic device become fully armed - turning it into a bomb of devastating power. Naturally, Captain Scarlet is the only hope to deal with the deadly situation.

Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Alan Perry
A Mysteron scheme is foiled when, having broken into the Culver Atomic Centre, Captain Black is discovered and forced to beat a hasty retreat. On Cloudbase, Colonel White reveals that, during his escape, Captain Black exposed himself to a short-life atomic isotope, meaning that, for the next 48 hours the Mysteron agent will be a source of radioactivity. Using special detector trucks, equipped with directional, long-range Geiger Counters, Spectrum closes the net around the fleeing Black, but not before he steals an SPV and takes Symphony Angel as a hostage! It is unclear exactly what Captain Black hoped to achieve by breaking into the Culver Atomic Centre as, unlike every other episode in the series, 'Manhunt' didn't feature a specific Mysteron threat or announcement; instead, the secondary title sequence was accompanied only by a reiterated promise that the Mysteron retaliation would be '...slow, but none the less effective.'

Teleplay by Shane Rimmer Directed by Brian Burgess
When the Mysterons threaten the Alaskan chain of missile complexes and observation posts, the Frost Line commander, General Ward, promises massive retaliation if any of his installations are attacked. Concerned about the consequences should Ward launch a strike against Mars, Colonel White sends Captain Scarlet and Lieutenant Green to nvestigate, when contact with one of the missile bases is suddenly lost. Arriving at the base, the Spectrum men discover that a Mysteron agent has sabotaged the air-conditioning system. As Lieutenant Green repairs the damage, Captain Scarlet must prevent the saboteur from reaching the Command Base.

White As Snow
Teleplay by Peter Curran & David Williams Directed by Robert Lynn
Following an unsuccessful attempt to destroy Cloudbase - the Mysterons having set a communications satellite on a collision course - Colonel White announces that, in order to safeguard the lives of everyone else on the base, he is to leave for a secret destination. The Mysterons, as ever, prove difficult to thwart and, no sooner has Colonel White made contact with a World Navy submarine than one of the crew dies in an accident - his Mysteron duplicate heing assigned to look after the Colonel during the voyage!

The Trap
Teleplay by Alan Pattillo Directed by Alan Perry
Spectrum is assigned to provide the security for an international air conference, at which all the high ranking officers of the World Airforce are to discuss methods for dealing with the Mysteron menace. En route to Cloudbase, the plane carrying Air Commodore Goddard crashes, having been struck by lightning, and it is a Mysteron duplicate which eventually completes the journey. Colonel White is surprised when Goddard announces that he has changed the location of the conference to the isolated Glengarry Castle in Scotland, but accepts the decision and sends Captain Scarlet to the castle with Goddard to check security. Making a search of the Banqueting Hall, Scarlet discovers a heavy-duty machine gun concealed behind a huge painting; manned by Holte (Goddard's pilot) the weapon is trained on the table at which the delegates are due to meet. Bound and gagged, Scarlet is helpless as, using his voice, the Mysteronised Air Commodore contacts Cloudbase and informs Colonel White that it is safe for the conference to begin. Making its one and only appearance in this story is the Magnacopter. Looking more like a submarine than an aircraft, the incredible machine clearly belongs to the World Airforce, although Symphony Angel is given the soughtafter job of piloting it to and from the conference.

Operation Time
Teleplay by Richard Conway & Stephen J. Mattick Directed by Ken Turner
In an exclusive London clinic, General Tiempo, Commander of the Western Region World Defence, is due to undergo a brain operation, under the supervision of Professor Magnus, a pioneering surgeon who has developed a revolutionary piece of apparatus known as the Cerebral Pulsator. Night falls and tragedy strikes, as, driving home, Professor Magnus dies when his car is forced off the road by Captain Black. Now merely a soulless puppet, the Mysteronised Magnus returns to the clinic with one purpose only - to kill General Tiempo. A 'key' episode of the series, in which we discover the Mysterons' Achilles' heel - they are impervious to X-rays and can easily be killed by a high voltage electric current.

Spectrum Strikes Back
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Ken Turner

Colonel White, Captain Scarlet and Captain Blue travel to the secret headquarters of the Spectrum Intelligence Agency, where Dr Giardello demonstrates two new advances in the fight against the Mysterons: the portable Mysteron Detector and the Anti-Mysteron Electron Gun. As the assembled delegates watch the demonstration, Captain Black arrives and kills Captain Indigo and it's not long before the new devices are put to the test. Intended as a sequel to 'Operation Time', Spectrum's newly developed Anti-Mysteron devices make their first (and in the case of the Electron Gun), only appearance.

Special Assignment
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Robert Lynn
Spectrum personnel are expressly forbidden to gamble, so when Captain Scarlet loses $5,000 at the Dice Club casino, Colonel White has no choice but to ask for his resignation. Destitute and with nowhere to go, Scarlet returns to the scene of his downfall and, at the seedy Gregory hotel, meets a couple of racketeers who promise to cancel his debts in return for an SPV. Accompanying the villains to a remote ranch house, Scarlet discovers that they are Mysterons and is informed, by Captain Black, that they intend to use the stolen SPV to destroy Nuclear City. But the jigsaw is not yet complete... An unusual episode which contains more than one red herring. For example, how did Spectrum know in advance that the two racketeers running the casino were Mysterons? The answer is that a Spectrum Intelligence agent is working undercover at the drab Vincent Bar, so obviously he overheard the two Mysterons plotting!

The Heart of New York
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Alan Perry
When three crooks break into the Spectrum Security Vault, they come away with nothing but microfilm and classified documents. Their haul seems useless, until their leader discovers that it contains detailed information about the Mysterons and their powers of reconstruction. The Mysterons, meanwhile, announce that they are to attack New York - the city is evacuated and Spectrum personnel sent in to patrol the deserted streets. Using their newly-acquired information, the crooks convince Spectrum that the Mysterons' target is the Second National Bank. Colonel White is unwilling to risk Spectrum lives to protect a bank and so orders his agents to withdraw. With nothing to stand in their way, the crooks enter the unguarded bank and prepare to make off with a fortune in gold... The Spectrum personal radio receiver makes its one and only appearance in this episode. Manning a road block on the outskirts of New York, Captain Magenta dons a pair of sporty sunglasses, the arms of which contain tiny speakers which allow him to hear the voice of Captain Ochre, who is concealed nearby.

Lunarville 7
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Robert Lynn

Together with Lieutenant Green, Captains Scarlet and Blue are sent to the moon to investigate claims by the Lunar Controller that he has established contact with the Mysterons and succeeded in coming to a peaceful agreement. As night falls, the three pectrum men steal a moon mobile and head for an area on the dark side of the moon, known as the Humboldt Sea, as it is from here that strange signals have been detected. As the moon mobile reaches the edge of a huge crater, the earthmen are unable to believe their eyes. Within the crater, moving with an ominous sense of purpose, bizarre machines are seen scuttling about, engrossed in their task - the construction of a new Mysteron city!

Point 783
Teleplay by Peter Curran & David Williams Directed by Robert Lynn
In order to counter the latest Mysteron threat, Captains Scarlet and Blue are assigned to protect the endangered Commander. Travelling with Captain Blue to Point 783, a remote Command Post in the Sahara Desert, the Supreme Commander watches as the new Unitron tank is put through its paces. Unmanned and completely impervious to attack, the Unitron is the ultimate weapon of war. What chance do the observers have, therefore, when the tank veers off course and opens fire on the unprotected bunker... A point of note: doesn't the Command Post interior look like UFO's SHADO control room? Clearly Supervising Art Director Bob Bell was pleased with his own work and decided that a full-sized version of the design was just the place to base Ed Straker and his underground defence force.

Model Spy
Teleplay by Bill Hedley Directed by Ken Turner
Why should the Mysterons wish to kill top fashion designer Andre Verdain? Perhaps it's because he is a spy for the European Area Intelligence Agency and has been trailing Captain Black for months. Going undercover, Captains Scarlet and Blue, together with Destiny and Symphony Angels, travel to sunny Monte Carlo, where Verdain is putting on a fashion show. Unbeknown to everyone, two of Verdain's top models are now in the hands of the Mysterons and waste no time in acting upon the instructions of their new masters.

Seek and Destroy
Teleplay by Peter Curran & David Williams Directed by Alan Perry
Unaware that three unfinished Angel Aircraft have been destroyed in a fire, Colonel White sends Captains Scarlet and Blue to Paris, to pick up a holidaying Destiny Angel and return her to the safety of Cloudbase. En route to the airport, Scarlet and his colleagues are attacked by the Mysteronised aircraft and, from the safety of a roadside ditch, they watch as the real Spectrum Angels are engaged in a deadly battle with three perfectly matched opponents. Featuring plenty of spectacular aerial sequences, this episode turns out to be an excellent showcase for the Angel Aircraft, as well as providing the small 'Flying Unit' of Century 21 with an opportunity to express themselves in full.

Renegade Rocket
Teleplay by Ralph Hart Directed by Brian Burgess
On his way to Base Concorde, an island-based rocket installation, Space Major Reeves is killed by Captain Black - a Mysteron duplicate immediately taking his place. Once in the Rocket Control Room, he launches a Variable Geometry Rocket: a missile designed to overcome all forms of defence in order to reach its target. Arriving at the base, Captains Scarlet and Blue are on hand as the rocket suddenly reappears on the radar and it is discovered that Base Concorde is its target. Having gained access to the Control Room at Base Concorde, Major Reeves is seen to shoot the missile technician with Captain Scarlet's colour-coded pistol. Strange - these personalised guns are never supposed to leave the side of their owner!

Crater 101
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Ken Turner
Returning to the moon, Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue and Lieutenant Green set off from Lunarville 6 to penetrate the newly discovered Mysteron complex. Once inside, they have to find and remove the power source before the installation can be destroyed by an atomic device. Unbeknown to the three agents, the driver of the Lunar Tank is a Mysteron and the bomb which he is bringing has been set to explode one hour ahead of schedule.

Shadow of Fear
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Robert Lynn
In order to obtain close-up pictures of Mars, astronomers soft-land a mini satellite on the Martian moon Phobos. At an isolated observatory, high in the Himalayan Mountains, Captains Scarlet and Blue keep watch and wait for the revealing pictures to be transmitted back to Earth. When one of the astronomers disappears, Captain Scarlet suspects it to be the work of the Mysterons and sets out to find him before he can sabotage the whole operation.

Dangerous Rendezvous
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Brian Burgess
By using the diamond pulsator power-source taken from the Mysterons' lunar complex, Colonel White succeeds in communicating with the inhabitants of Mars. In replying to his offer of friendship, the Mysterons insist that a lone, unarmed member of Spectrum meets their representative at a location of their choice. Aware that he could be walking into a trap, Captain Scarlet volunteers for the crucial assignment. This is an interesting episode as it features a detailed explanation and demonstration of the unique cap-mike communications system. The recipient of this demonstration, the scientist Dr Kurnitz, is also treated to a specially arranged Angel launch, which, bearing in mind that Cloudbase has just been threatened, seems a fairly unwise thing to do!

Treble Cross
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Alan Perry
When Captain Black attempts to kill ace test-pilot Major Gravener, he reckons without two pioneering doctors, who pull the comatose man from his watery grave and bring him back to life. Unaware that his human counterpart is alive, the Mysteronised Gravener returns to Slaton airbase and requisitions an XK107 bomber - complete with armed nuclear warhead. When the real Major Gravener turns up, he joins Spectrum in a daring plan to deceive the Mysterons.

Flight 104
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Robert Lynn
Captain Scarlet and Blue are assigned to escort the leading astrophysicist Dr Conrad to a special conference in Switzerland - the purpose of the conference, to decide the method and purpose of man's return to Mars. On the way to Geneva airport, Scarlet makes a startling discovery: the flightdeck of the plane in which they are travelling is empty. As Scarlet and Blue wrestle with the controls, a hazardous mountain range looms into sight and they realise that there is nothing they can do to prevent a crash.

Place of Angels
Teleplay by Leo Eaton Directed by Leo Eaton
Judy Chapman, labaratory assistant at a bacteriological research centre, falls under Mysteron control and steals a phial of K14 - a newly developed culture, capable of causing death on a massive scale. Throwing off her pursuers, Chapman arrives at the Boulder Dam on the Colorado river and, as a wounded Captain Scarlet parachutes on to the scene, she prepares to contaminate the entire water supply of Los Angeles.

Noose of Ice
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Ken Turner
Deep below the polar ice cap, scientists are drilling for Tritonium alloy - a rare metal essential for the new space fleet bound for Mars. Massive heating elements keep the surrounding water at a constant 60 degrees, thus preventing the ice from closing in and crushing the installation. When a Mysteron saboteur cuts off the power supply, Captain Scarlet must race against the forces of nature in order to avert disaster.

Expo 2068
Teleplay by Shane Rimmer Directed by Leo Eaton
When a nuclear reactor disappears during transit, Spectrum suspect it to be the work of the Mysterons. Tracing the stolen device to the site of Expo 2068 - a massive world trade fair - Captain Scarlet must gain entry to a hovering cargo-copter and defuse the potentially explosive situation.

The Launching
Teleplay by Peter Curran & David Williams Directed by Brian Burgess

Assuming that the Mysterons intend to assassinate the head of state, Colonel White dispatches Captains Scarlet and Blue to throw a security cordon around his residence. As Scarlet tries to convince the President that he is in mortal danger, little does he know that a Mysteron agent is already in the area - his sights set on a far bigger target.

Codename Europa
Teleplay by David Lee Directed by Alan Perry
John L. Henderson, Conrad Olafsson and Joseph Maccini; after the World President, the most powerful men on earth - and now marked for death. Concealing the men in separate security establishments, Spectrum are confident of beating the latest Mysteron threat. But they have reckoned without the skills of an electronics genius, Gabriel Carney, now on the side of the Mysterons, who soons out to be a formidable opponent. In order to add that extra touch of authenticity, small figures were ofen used on the model set, which would have been far too small to accomodate full-sized puppets. A swivelling model of Captain Magenta is put to good use during the scene in which the Mysteronised Professor Carney spectacularly crashes his car through Spectrum road block.

Teleplay by Tony Barwick & Shane Rimmer Directed by Alan Perry
When the Mysterons threaten a desalination plant in the Andean foothills, Captains Scarlet and Blue set up camp in an old Aztec temple and mount a round-the-clock virgil. In space, a Mysteronised recovery vehicle plummets towards the earth - its re-entry computer homing in on a transmitting device which Captain Black has concealing in a very unusual place. Obviously keen to establish the existence of a European space operation in addition to the obvious American space programme, the writers of this episode placed the SKR4 recovery vehicle firmly under the control of an agency known as Euro-space.

Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Alan Perry
When the Mysterons annouce that a traitor will create havoc for Spectrum, Colonel White sends Captains Scarlet and Blue to Koala Base, Australia, where a number of mysterious hovercraft accidents have resulted in the deaths of several men. Joining the crew of hovercraft number 4, the Spectrum captains travel deep into the Australian outback, recreating the exact conditions surrounding the previous crash. It is then that disaster strikes.

Flight to Atlantica
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Leo Eaton
Assigned to destroy a dangerous drifting wreck, Captains Blue and Ochre succumb to the effects of some Mysteronised champagne and, having had their flight-plan switched by Captain Black, attack the World Navy's Atlantica complex. Incapable of rational thought, the two men are unaware that they are being pursued by Captain Scarlet and Colonel White and plan a repeat attack. But the Spectrum chief determines to stop them, even if it means shooting them out of the sky!

Attack on Cloudbase
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Ken Turner
When Symphony Angel is shot down over the desert, it seems that the Mysterons have finally launched an all-out attack on Spectrum's headquarters. Saucer-like space craft appear out of nowhere and, as Cloudbase is mercilessly blitzed Captain Scarlet tries to take off in the only surviving Angel aircraft. A tense and exciting episode which is guaranteed to keep the viewer guessing. As the story draws to a close, it appears that the Mysterons have won the war. The denouement, however, reveals that this is not the case!

The Inquisition
Teleplay by Tony Barwick Directed by Ken Turner
Having drunk some drugged coffee, Captain Blue awakes in what appears to be a deserted Cloudbase control room. Colonel White is nowhere to be seen and, sitting at his desk, is a man named Colgan, who claims to be from Spectrum Intelligence. Colgan informs Captain Blue that he has been missing for three months and, in order to prove his identity, demands the secret Spectrum cypher codes.

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