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ArchiePlex at CUI (Choose Archie server)
ArchiePlex at NASA (Choose Archie server)
ArchiePlex at Nexor (Choose Archie server)
CICA Windows Software Archive
CUI Free Compilers List
CUI Free Database List
CUI Language List
Download.Com c|net's newest offering -- A searchable database of downloadable software
Filez Search 1000's of servers and over 75 million entries for any file! (Choose search options)
FTP search'95 Web-based Archie search of anonymous FTP sites (Enter filename)
GameServe Search database of over 10,000 software games
GIF Image Locator Multimedia archives at Washington University
HENSA Micro Software Archives Archive of DOS, Windows and Mac software
HENSA UNIX Software Archives
Info-Mac HyperArchive Macintosh Shareware and Freeware archive
Jumbo Shareware Over 23,000 downloadable packages (Choose operating system)
Loop Archive Search Search major Linux and FreeBSD software archives
FreeBSD Archive
Linux Archive
MIDnet Archives Comp.Archives.MSDOS.Announce (Enter keywords)
NONAGS Archive of Winsock and Internet-related software -- with no nagware Search c|net's archive of over 160,000 software files (Choose category)
Snoopie Fast FTP archive search of over 400 sites
SoftSearch Index of over 120,000 commercial software products & 22,000 developers
Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps list
Tucows Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software [Not available directly from this page]

World File Project Large archive of shareware and freeware (Enter multiple keywords and file type) Categorized archive of 32-bit (Windows 95 & WIndows NT) software
ZDNet MacUser's Software Central Software archive from MacUser's Magazine
ZDNet's PC Software Library Top rated PC shareware and software!