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The revised edition

When I started this page in May of '99, little did I realize how far it would take me. I've gone from the newguy thrills of marquee and animated gifs, to making my own banners, buttons, and tables. I have tried to change it so the opening page will load a wee bit faster.

One thing hasn't changed, however, and that is my pride and passion for Ireland and the anthracite coal fields of east-central Pennsylvania.

So here is my site, a historical and cultural peek at the Irish-American community in the hard coal region.

Take a look around, enjoy your visit, and come again. Slan

The Coal Miners Stamp Petition

After many tries and many years, the power of the internet is now being used to finally convince

the postal authorities to issue a stamp to honor the coal miners. Please click on the link below and sign

the petition. My ancestors thank you.



Special Links

(more links can be found under Irish Culture)

Miners Memorial Statue

St. Patrick's Day 2001 Countdown

Irish National Anthem

Credits and Thank You's

The Orange & Green Show

Photo Section

Coal Region Weather

The Anthracite History Journal

NEW!!! Mine Rescue

The Breaker Boys

Famous Coal Region People

Coal Mining Links

mp3s from Brendan O'Loughlin

mp3's from Lori Kelley

The Coal Region Quiz now has it's own page
T'ink you know the answers?

(updated 8/03/00)