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Starting Over

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This is hopefully the last of many attempts to start writing a running journal. It seems fitting that today should be the start of this journal because it seems everything up to this point culminated with todays activity! First a recap of what led me here. About 1year and 1 month ago I had a major life changing event... I got my breasts reduced! I was so very happy about it. It seemed that no matter how well I took care of myself I never felt GOOD about myself because of those Damned Big Boobs. I always felt out of proportion and self conscious. After the surgury I became concerned that my abdomen was looking too obvious.Almost simultaneously My Sarah was pressuring me to give up smoking. I had been wanting to give it up but was using the old "I'm afraid of gaining weight" excuse not to. Then the government stepped in and raised the price of cigs to about $3 a pack. Everyone ,even the feds, were conspiring against me (or should I say for me!). So Larry and I made a pact that if we quit smoking there would be enough extra money for him to resume his Thai chi. We chose Oct.1 as our Quit Day and I stayed up late Sept 30 finishing the last pack!!! That morning I took my first walk. Sarah and I had measured the distance and it was 2 miles and it took me about 30min to do it. I was tired after and got winded on the hills but I was pleased. I felt 1/2 hour? thats nothing out of my day... I can do that! I was doing well with my walks, going out almost every day. but as Christmas approached it became increasingly difficult to maintain. The pressures of X-mas Shopping for the glorious X-mas goodies and perhaps less commitment to the effort caused me to stop walking for a while. In fact it was not until The very end of Jan. that I started up again. I managed to convince myself that better to have lost a couple months of exercize and return than to give up completely. MOVE ON!!! So I did. And I've been @ it ever since. I was proud of myself for sticking to it even though the weather was cold and sometimes nasty, I still felt better after a session.Slowly I started to add running to my walking routine. 1 block @ a time And I started cuting time off my sessions. I went from 30 min walks to 20-21 minute runs. (I still must walk up the steep hill but thats only one block!) All this running inevitably would lead to my interest in participating in an "Event". I learned about the "Switchback Scamper" 10k from my friend Chris and also from my Sarah. I was intrigued by this race because of its location in Jim Thorpe, the fact that it is mostly down hill and that it takes place in Oct. (Lovely cool temps and one year since I quit smoking!).I felt that all these factors might help me in my first attempt @ running in public!!! Ahhh but now one must TRAIN!!! No more little 2 mile jaunts, one must add longer excursions to build up stamina! Uggghhh. Sarah mentioned a route that was 2.5 miles out which, along with the 2.5 mile return would make a pleasant 5 mile trip. So off I went...I jogged the entire way to the half-way point; I was very tired but ,ok. Ok, that is until I checked my watch for my half-way time. 40 min... That would be for 2.5 miles! I was devasted. Lousy time and I was pretty beat and still had the second half to go. OH GOD! I was so disappointed, I thought "How on earth am I going to get in shape by Oct.?" I mostly walked back home, I jogged a little but my heart wasn't in it. If I had been a little cooler, perhaps recieving more oxygen I would have come to the conclusion I reached after I got home! There was no way that was only 2.5 miles!!!! If when I first started, just off cigs, walking 2 miles,it only took 30min HOW could it take 40min to jog 2.5 miles? DUH! I convinced Sarah to go out with me on the bikes and remeasure the trip. Well guess what??? the half-way point is almost 3.5miles! that makes for an almost 7mile run/walk that I did, with 3.5 of it all run! Needless to say I felt better but I still wanted to see what I could do with 5miles! While we were out Sarah and I also measured and noted the 2.5 mile point for my training and today was the day! I finally got to see what 5 miles feels like! I am very proud of what I did! I ran (I should say jogged) the entire distance and managed to pace myself fairly consistantly. It took 28.05 minutes for the first half and 28.40 minutes for the second half. I came home tired but not exhausted and witha renewed determination to run in Jim Thorpe!!! I may not (will not !!!) set any land speed records but I'm pretty sure I will finish!!! Now when I started this odyssey, if you recall, My goal was to keep my abdomen from overtaking my newly reduced boobs! I was not, am not interested in losing lbs. I want to fit into my clothes and look better. I have only weighed myself twice since the beginning, once just before the surgury (a pre-anesthesia requirement), where I weighed 132lbs. And then on June 30 (don't ask why I'm not sure myself.. Curiosity?) When I weighed 126lbs. I am pleased with this result even though it does not reflect a large weight loss If I factor in my post menopausal state, my having quit smoking and the relacement of fat cells with muscle I think I'm doing great. Plus I think I'm looking a heck of a lot better (not to mention feeling a heck of a lot better!) The real kicker is that Larry has gained 30 lbs! There is untold satisfaction in that!!! So that is where I am today! I will be updating this regularly and future will surely be less wordy!!! But its been one heck of a trip so far... Lets see where it takes us!!!

1/6/00 My friend Chris helped me get this here. For some reason my entire Chapter 1 was erased! Fortunately I saved this part of my story and was able to replace this part of the journal. I am grateful to Chris for setting this up the first time and for placing it here for me today. True a bunch of stuff is lost forever but this was the most important part and I am happy I can repost it.Thankyou Christine! For more of my adventures see the links above.

The new title for my journal is "Starting Over"... appropriate because I am starting over in many aspects of my life. I need to get back to running and writing about it. And I am moving on in my personal life as well. I need to find happiness in my life. I have reached an age where time is too precious to waste and I intend to make the most out of whatever time I have left. It seems like forever since I wrote the lines in the last paragraph! I have certainly been on a journey since then. I have finished 2 10 K's and a half marathon and come in second in my age group twice in 5K runs! I am now struggling to get in shape for another half marathon but the weather for one has not been cooperative what with all the snow and fridgid temps.My new job has me jumping from the frying pan into the fire when it comes to time spent working.Mother's move from Calif. has limited my free time to some extent and the initiation of separation/divorce has served to distract me from the need to train. Today the weather was relatively lovely and I was able to run about three miles. I wanted to do at least 5 but I had work that needed to be done and I needed to visit mother plus the bike path was completely covered with snow and ice but at least I got out and it did feel good. It would be wonderful if the weather would cooperate tomorrow. I really would like to get a 5 or 7 mile run in. We shall see.

March 9 2003- Today is Sunday and I jogged for about 11 miles! Wow am I tired! And my fingers are numb! Not from cold but probably from my shoulder muscles being tensed up. I really need to take a hot shower! At least I was able to do it and now I must continue to work hard to get in shape for that 1/2 marathon. All I need is decent weather and time! Neither of which is easy to come by these days! I'll just do the best I can with what I get! All for now!