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My Newsletter

In January 1999, I started to publish my own newsletter. It is called Recipes 'N More. As of November 15th, there are over 1000 subscribers. Many people have contacted me to say they love the newsletter because the recipes are easy and economical.

Each edition focuses on a particular topic, such as Casseroles, Beef recipes, Grilling etc. So if you are tired of eating and cooking the same old thing time and time again, why don't you subscribe. The worst that could happen is you might actually want to cook.

The newsletter is sent out on the 1st of each month. There is no need to worry about receiving tons of mail, the newsletter will be the only thing that you receive. Included in each edition is an article that adresses a household topic, such as organization, saving money, etc, there is also approximately 10-15 recipes, sites of interest, and money and time saving tips and tricks. Tips and tricks range from creating a morning routine to save you time, to uses for vinegar.

I try very hard to make sure the newsletter is sent as one mail. With so many people using WebTV, I know how frustrating it is to receive an attchment and not be able to download it. In the unlikely event that an edition would become an attachment, I would send out the newsletter in two parts, to accomodate everyones needs.

Once you subscribe to the newsletter you will be able to access the archives. Past editions currently available are: Casseroles, Breakfast, Poultry and Seafood, Hamburger, Pasta, Vegetables and Side Dishes, Desserts, Microwave Cooking, Beef, Grilling, Summer time treats, Freezer meals and Snacks, Pork, and christmas gift recipes.

I encourage members to submit recipes, comments or requests. I think the reason so many people enjoy this newsletter so much is because it offers good, "normal" recipes. You won't find gourmet recipes such as artichoke hearts on a bed of lettuce with rasberry vinegrette dressing. There is also no advertisements in the newsletter. Pretty much, I create a newsletter that I would like to receive.

Click on the link below to get your subscription started. If you have any questions or problems subscribing please feel free to email me at : or click on the email link below.

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